15 Things You Do That Don’t Make You Seem More Edgy

Everyone goes through different personality stages throughout their life – it’s how we figure out who we really are and what we want. These experiences are unique, but also weirdly similar. For example, we’ve all dabbled in trying to be edgy. This basically means that you’re constantly challenging societal norms and pushing boundaries with either your personal style or attitude. To be honest, everyone is a little bit like that without realizing it, but when you try too hard, you end up acting, um… embarrassing. Certain things don’t make you seem more edgy, even if you think they do.

Acting alternative and *cool* should seem effortless and natural, not obvious and desperate. You’re either about that life or you’re not, and there’s no shame in being the latter. It took me years of going to punk shows for me to embrace the fact that I could never truly “f*ck sh*t up” – why? It’s not who I am. But, I get it: being edgy is synonymous with being cool in a more mature way rather than a high school way. You aren’t like everyone else, you’re different.

You can spend a lot of your time concerning yourself with whether or not something is edgy enough for you to be doing it, or you can just live your life the way you want to (which weirdly enough is edgy af, especially since as a teenager, everybody’s trying to tell you how to live your life). Just my two cents on it. But if you want to ignore me, then listen up, because the below things definitely don’t make you seem edgy. If you don’t know, now you know. Poser (kidding).

1) Having a bad attitude.

There’s a difference between being cooly aloof and being a straight up jerk. Don’t be mean to people, it’s not cool.


2) Being quirky for the sake of being different.

Self expression is great! Wear whatever you want, accessorize how you feel, live your life. However, be sure you’re not just doing something for the sake of doing it. Do you really feel it? If not, being arbitrarily “unique” isn’t really serving you.


3) Getting a random tattoo or piercing.

Pretty sure you can’t do this until you’re 18 without parental consent, but I know that’s not going to stop you from getting some India ink and a needle or having a friend pierce something in a potentially unsafe way.


4) Breaking the rules for the sake of breaking them.

Pull the fire alarm! Randomly! Dismantle the system! Mmm, not how you do it. It’s how you get a probation officer, actually, but not how you dismantle the system.


5) Being elitist about your taste in music and movies.

Nothing makes a person more obnoxious than being a snob like this.


6) Getting a drastic haircut.

You can get a mohawk and dye it pink, it doesn’t mean anything because it’s just hair. You can’t change your hair and become a new person overnight.


7) Swearing more.

You all know I swear a lot. Random curse words where they aren’t really warranted, however, don’t make you more edgy. In fact, it can be a little off putting.


8) Random vandalism.

Whyyyyy with the Sharpie marker all over everything?


9) Being apathetic.

You DGAF because you’re *~edgy~*. Newsflash: care about stuff, it makes life better.


10) Calling people sheep.

You’re so much better than everyone else, they’re all a bunch of mindless sheeple following the herd. You can have that point of view and that’s fine, but going out of your way to shit on everybody else for following a trend or being different than you isn’t kind and being rude doesn’t make you edgy.


11) “Protesting” school events.

Guilty. Don’t shit on prom just because you don’t want to go. Throw an alt party with your friends if you want to collectively find a new activity to do, but there’s no reason to be sour about something that doesn’t interest you just because it’s a school event.


12) Self harm.

I’m not going to even pretend that this is a joke. Self harm is a real thing that people struggle with. I see you all on Tumblr reblogging images with poems that that glorify self harm. No. Mental illness is not edgy, it’s real, and making light of it or adopting it – real or not – to enhance your “aesthetic” is awful. Stop doing this.


13) Saying you wish you were born in a different era.

Tbh, I think we’re all a little mad that we weren’t born Audrey Hepburn. Not being around to go to CBGB punk shows sucks. It would’ve been cool to be a Laurel Canyon folk singer. Alas, we live in the now and bemoaning it doesn’t make you any cooler.


14) Claiming that no one gets it.

Disclaimer: unique family drama and messed up situations – of course no one understands what you’re going through. Why exactly you think Trump sucks and his campaign is more a reflection of a flawed political system instead of a real, viable political campaign? People get that. You are not a special snowflake.


15) Saying you’re “not like other girls.”

It bears repeating. Wtf does this mean. Do all other girls inherently suck and you’re the only cool one? You’re being mean.

Do you consider yourself edgy? What makes someone edgy? Do you think being edgy is cool? Let us know in the comments.

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