7 Of The Grossest Things About Summer

If you’re like most people, summer is probably the only thing on your mind right now. While the official start of summer is still about a month away–twenty-eight days away, to be exact, not that I’m keeping track–we’re inching up on Memorial Day, the days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer.

Here’s the thing, though–while there are obviously great things about summer, it can also be pretty gross. There are the obviously gross things–you know, your boob sweat, your thigh chafing, your general vaginal swampiness. You know, things that are definitely irritating, but ultimately harmless. Then, there are some other things (which I’ll get to in a second) that are, like, actually potentially harmful. Like, fecal-matter-lurking-in-your-swimming-pool harmful. Obviously, this isn’t meant to be fear-mongering to the point where you’re afraid to ever leave your house. Chances are good that you’ve experienced most of these things before without even realizing it (or, at the very least, managed to stick around long enough to tell the tale). It’s just, you know, a reminder to stay vigilant, y’all. So, check out the grossest things about summer:

Ice Cream

Planning on hitting up the ice cream truck this summer? Maybe, uh, don't. If it's vanilla, strawberry, or raspberry-flavored, chances are good that it contains castoreum, which is an additive that comes from the anal and urine secretions of beavers. I mean, maybe you're into that kind of thing?

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Things In Swimming Pools

Most pools have poop in them. This is a fact. According to the CDC, 58 percent of public pools test positive for E. coli, which is primarily found in feces.

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Swimming Pools

Not only do pools contain fecal matter, the methods for getting rid of them are...ineffective. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control released a review of 48,632 public swimming facilities (which includes pools, hot tubs, and water parks) that found that most of the pools violated at least one health code violation. The most concerning violation? Incorrect disinfectant concentration, which can greatly increase your risk of getting an infection.

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Water Parks

The only thing worse than a straight up public pool? Water parks, which, if you've ever been to one, you'll know is basically just a pool on crack. They're considerably larger than your standard public pool, which might be why they're hard to maintain--besides being a source of waterborne illness, an ex-water park employee posted this Reddit thread a while back saying that anything from everything from dead mice to condoms to tampons could be in the drains at any time. And, yeah, a Reddit thread isn't the MOST credible source, but...I am inclined to believe this, somehow.

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The Beach

Here's the great thing (?) about fecal matter--it doesn't discriminate. Apparently, coming into contact with beach sand has a high correlation with diarrhea and other gastrointesinal illness, which is usually caused by exposure to fecal matter. Lovely.

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Frozen Foods

Lots of people like to munch on frozen fruit during the summer, but this summer might not be the best time to do so--recently, there's been a huge recall of frozen fruits and vegetables around the US for containing listeria, a bacterial infection that can severely weaken the immune system.

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Trying On Bathing Suits

Lots of people experience changing room-based anxiety, especially when it comes to bathing suits. But, as it turns out, you might have something to worry about--it's probably just not what you thought. Apparently, bathing suits are one of the top carriers of clothes-based bacterial infection, since they can carry things like skin and fecal matter, plus respiratory tract bacteria. It's not too hard to combat this, though--while that little strip of plastic that comes in the crotch is pretty much useless, if you leave your underwear on when trying on suits, you should be fine.

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Did any of these facts surprise you? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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