11 Easier Beauty Tricks That You Can Use To Replace Contouring

I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but contouring is dead. It’s over. Gone. Kaput. It was killed, as most of these things are, by the very being who made it so omnipresent in our cultural lexicon, Kim Kardashian. In an interview this past weekend, the former contouring queen said:

“I think right now it’s more about nontouring, like real skin with less make-up on it. I’m trying to wear less… and my husband loves me without make-up.”


But actually, if you think about it (and get over the absurdity of the term “nontouring”), this death of contouring is not so surprising in and of itself. We’ve been approaching contour fatigue for a while now, whether it’s from leg contouring, ear contouring, or that girl who literally used a Christian Louboutin stiletto heel to apply her contour. So, if you, like me, are someone who lives and dies according to the whims of the Kardashian-Jenners, RIP to your contouring kit, I guess? But, just because contouring is over, it doesn’t mean that makeup and conventional beauty standards are over too, obviously. The beauty-industrial complex doesn’t work like that! So, check out these easier beauty tricks that you can use to replace contouring:

1. Nontouring:

Kim cited “nontouring” as her replacement for contouring. But what, exactly, is it? Basically, it’s just a more simple version of contouring–using highlighter without any bronzer.

2. Strobing:

Strobing is basically the same exact thing as “notouring,” which is the process of applying highlighter to your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and lips. This give you an easy, effortless ~glow~

3. “Gentle” contouring:

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Pati Dubroff, a celebrity makeup artist, recommends taking a more refined approach to contouring–basically, following regular contouring techniques, but gentler. To do this, use a cream contour that’s slightly darker than your skin tone and swipe it under the cheekbones and around the jawline. Then, top it off with some highlighter. I know, that sounds exactly like contouring, but it’s meant to be a more casual version of it without all of the work. I don’t know. The beauty industry is weird.

4. Baking:

Baking is using concealer to highlight certain areas of your face. To do it, you just apply a bunch of concealer under your eyes, top it off with translucent powder, then dampen the powder (check this out for more detailed instructions).

5. Sandbagging:

Sandbagging is just baking but with more specific powder application. You apply transulcent powder under your eyes and around your mouth, which is supposed to stop up any sweat or oil flow (hence the term “sandbagging) and keep your makeup in place all day.

6. Chroming:

Chroming is really just highlighting, except you use a nude, shimmery lipstick to create the highlight. This creates an extra-noticeable shimmer.

7. “Un” makeup:


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This is a sort of “no-makeup” makeup look. To do it, apply some concealer under your eyes, then lightly apply some luminizer and translucent powder.

8. Dewey skin makeup:

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Want your face to look to look…vaguely damp? Moist, even? But, like, in a sexy way? Say no more, fam. Just put luminizer under your eyes, over your cheekbones, and over your chin. This is a great way to cover up a late night and make you look less tired, too.

9. Bubble eyeliner:

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You can also skip all of the face makeup tricks altogether and try something new on your eyes–why not bubble eyeliner? This is basically just creating a scalloped edge with your liquid liner. It’s great because literally anyone can do it–if it gets a little jagged, it just looks like you did it on purpose.

10. Lobe liner:
I tried this! That is my ear pictured above! You literally just put eyeliner on your ears. It is a look that is both fun and different.

11. No makeup:

Not a “no-makeup” makeup look. Just, like, literally no makeup at all. You don’t have to, obviously, but no makeup is greatest and easiest makeup scam of all!

What do you think of these makeup tricks?Would you try any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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