10 Basic Self-Care Tips For Girls Who Have No Idea What They’re Doing

I was fortunate enough to grow up with a mother who taught me how to “girl.” She filled me in on all of the basic self-care tips out there: how and when to shave, how to wash my face, how to care for my hair, how to apply makeup, how to tell if something is wrong down there, etc. This all happened so naturally for me that I often end up forgetting that there are girls (and guys) out there who weren’t as lucky – they didn’t have mothers to teach them this stuff, they didn’t even have big sisters to teach them this stuff. I’ve taken this for granted for so long that I end up feeling genuinely confused when someone doesn’t know they should be exfoliating before shaving or that they should avoid scented soaps down there.

This Ask Reddit thread reminded me of that, and I knew I had to share it with you guys. While these basic self-care tips might seem like second nature to you or me, they don’t come that easily to everyone. As much as I wish every girl out there had someone showing them the ropes on how to take care of themselves, it’s just not true. On top of that, there are lots of guys out there who feel they were born into the wrong gender, and they don’t know how to care for themselves either because no one is showing them anything. This is stuff everyone should know! Here are 10 self-care tips for girls who have no idea what they’re doing – these will change everything:

Use Body Wash After Conditioner

cnabbey: Wash your body after you've rinsed out the conditioner in your hair. Some people can get acne from the oils in conditioner. Use that time to shave and then after you've rinsed out the conditioner, wash your face and body

It's true! A lot of people get body acne from their shampoo/conditioner. You should always be soaping off your bod after cleaning your hair. If you're acne prone, look for a body wash that treats acne. Neutrogena makes some great options.

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Never Use Products Without Testing Them

hannahsongla: Always, always, always patch test a product. It's tempting to slather a new skin care product all over your face but you're risking a reaction that may break you out, or worse, an allergic reaction.

Too many people buy skincare products and just use them, assuming everything will be fine. That's definitely not always the case. Test new products on your hand or other body part before slathering them all over your face. It helps keep your facial skin from getting infected.

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You Should Be Flossing Regularly

Catstronautical: I cannot stress enough about flossing and brushing in the morning and before bed. SO important. Your dentist will love you and you won't kick yourself later for having to spend thousands on fillings and root canals. I know from experience.

You already know you're supposed to brush your teeth twice a day, but what about flossing? It's not just an annoying task your dentist suggests. Flossing is super important for both teeth and gum health and takes all of 15 seconds. Do it!

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Shampoo Only Goes On Your Roots

phreakli: Unless your hair is really dirty, you don't need to wash all your hair with shampoo, just the scalp and roots. Apply conditioner on the lenght of your hair, it cleans gently and moisturizes. What I do: * wet my hair * apply conditioner on the lenght of my hair (I do this first so the conditioner has more time to do what it does) * wash the roots and scalp with shampoo * wash the rest of my body * rinse throughly I dilute shampoo with water. It's so much easier to get it all over my scalp, and since I need less of it this way, a bottle of shampoo lasts longer.

This will save your hair and save you money on shampoo. So many of us use way too much shampoo. It's only meant to go on your roots (unless, like this girl mentioned, your hair is super dirty for some reason). Side note: conditioner is really only meant for the ends of your hair. Putting it in your roots can make hair oily and heavy.

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Moisturize Regularly, But Know It Can Cause Acne

jessimokajoe: Moisturizer, if you have sensitive skin, for sure can and will break you out if you use the wrong kind or the wrong ingredients.

Lotion is super important, especially for your face. You should be applying it every morning and night, even if you're oily - it seems like it would make you more oily, but it doesn't. Your skin over-produces oil if you aren't keeping it moisturized. That said, lotion CAN make you break out if you have very sensitive, acne prone skin. Pick one that works for you, and if you're really having trouble, go to a dermatologist for help.

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Do Research On Beauty Products

cnabbey: For good resources on product reviews and demos and just a what the heck do I do kind of thing, check out youtube or a magazine. Pick up a women's health magazine or glamour every once in a while (after a while they all say the same thing every month) and learn about new products, tips, or general information. This isn't the bible or anything, but it's by women for women and so like an online forum, you can read it, think about it, and see what works for you.

If you don't have anyone to teach you about beauty products or you just feel like you need extra help, do a little research. The internet makes it so easy! We have tons of beauty tips on Gurl, but you can also use Google, Pinterest, or basically any site to find some. You can also watch YouTube tutorial videos on basically anything, and of course, women's magazines can still be very helpful.

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Never Use Soap Down There

hannahsongla: Don't use soap to wash your vagina. It messes up the Ph and can lead to a yeast infection. I like detachable shower heads, because I can use them as a makeshift bidet. Otherwise just use water and your hands or a washcloth.

Too many girls are still using soap or body washes to clean their vagina. Soap, even unscented soap, can lead to a vaginal infection easily. Only wash with warm water!

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Apply Lotion After Every Shower

hannahsongla: Moisturize after every shower for smooth, soft, touchable skin.

It sounds so obvious, but if no one ever tells you to apply body lotion after a shower, how do you know to do it? Moisturizing is key for getting super soft skin, and applying it to damp skin is best.

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Use A Hair Mask Once A Week

hannahsongla: Using a hair mask once a week can do wonders for you hair texture. I highly recommend it.

I'm always surprised when girls tell me they don't use hair masks. These super hydrating masks can help with any kind of damage, or they can just make your hair feel softer and get healthier.

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Get Rid Of Dry Feet With Vaseline and Socks

riverloves2dance: For dry feet, put some vaseline on them and a pair of socks. Leave it overnight. It feels weird as hell, but you get used to it and it really works.

Everyone out there deals with dry feet and callouses. To get rid of yours so you can wear sandals without feeling weird, try this trick. It truly does work.

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Which one of these basic self-care tips did you not know? What are your tips you want to add? Share in the comments!

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