11 Things Every Single Girl Must Do This Summer

Summer is finally–finally, finally, finally–here. Or, technically, it’s almost here. If your school system is anything like the one I was in, summer break doesn’t actually start until the first official day of summer, which is still, like, a full month away.

But, still, it feels like summer right now, and sometimes that’s enough. With the warmer weather, longer days, and promises of cool bathing suits and summer shoes, we can’t help but pretend we’re already in the midst of the season. In fact, the advent of summer might be inspiring you to get attached to someone, and quick–you’ll never get your “Summer Lovin'” dance montage at the beginning of the school year if you don’t have some sort of romance over the next few months, right?

But here’s the thing: you need to forget all of the lies that Big Summer Romance and the Summer Fling Lobby have been feeding you right now, because summer is actually a great time to be single. And, statistically, it’s actually the time when most people are single, too–on average, most breakups happen right at the beginning of the summer, meaning that the season is literally crawling with unattached people. Feeling single? Curious of what some cool things to do might be? Check out these awesome things every single girl must do this summer:

1. Go on a road trip with your girls:


Or, if not a road trip, a day trip. Like, just go to the beach or the pool or that random town that’s only twenty minutes away, but you’ve always been wanting to visit. Be adventurous!


2. Eat lots of ice cream from the ice cream truck:


I mean, you don’t have to be single to do this, obviously. But what good is a summer bucket list that doesn’t tell you to eat a lot of ice cream?


3. Master at least one recipe:


It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just a cool dish that you can whip up from time to time.


4. Flirt with a stranger:


I mean, like, a safe stranger. Do it in the daytime, maybe, or have friends around you. But being single doesn’t meant that you can’t flirt! (In fact, you definitely should.)


5. Make friends with the lifeguards at your pool:


Suh, dudes. Suh, ladies.


6. Make a slip ‘n’ slide:


Invite your besties over. Have fun. Repeat.


7. Overhaul your Instagram ~aesthetic~


New season, new you. There’s a whole new color palette now.


8. Become Vine famous:


It might not happen. But you can certainly devote your entire summer to making incredible Vines, can’t you?


9. Go to at least one concert.


It doesn’t have to be Beyonce (though that wouldn’t hurt). Concerts are just so much more fun in the summer–plus, bonus points if you go to one that’s outside.


10. Get a summer job that basically involves just, like hanging out:


These are few and far between, but if you can find that cushy job at the ice cream parlor in town, or the one at the summer camp that means you jsut get to hang out with your friends, take it.


11. Develop a new celebrity crush:


What is the summer for if not developing an unhealthy obsession with someone you don’t actually know? I am choosing Zac Efron in Neighbors 2 for this, personally, but it’s really up to you.


What do you think of these things? Did I forget any good activities? Let us know in the comments!

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