8 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Vagina In The Summer

Let’s talk about vagina sweat. Yes, vagina sweat. I know it’s unpleasant and uncomfortable and sort of taboo and maybe embarrassing, but it’s also something we need to discuss. Summer is fast approaching, and with the warmer weather, sunny beach days, and increased time spent outdoors comes sweat, especially down there sweating. Now, of course, vagina sweat doesn’t only happen in the months of June, July, and August – but there’s no denying that it probably happens more often then. And sweat isn’t the only reason to take care of your vagina a little bit more carefully in the coming months.

Fun things like yeast infections and urinary tract infections might be more common in the summertime for some girls because of what they’re wearing and doing. And no one really wants to deal with painful urination or chunky discharge on a 95 degree day, am I right? Of course I am. There are some obvious things you should be doing to care for your vag right now – like showering regularly, of course – but there are also some less obvious things. Healthy vaginas for all! Here are eight tips on how to take care of your vagina in the summer that you’ll definitely thank me for later.

Stop Sitting Around In Wet Bottoms

For many of us, summer means hanging out at the beach, at the pool, by a lake, or kid-style near some sprinklers. All of these things typically involve wearing a bathing suit and going in the water. That's all fine and great, but beware of wet bathing suit bottoms. The warm, moist environment is perfect for bacteria to grow. Sitting around in wet bathing suit bottoms for hours very often leads to urinary tract infections or even yeast infections. You don't want a UTI in the summer. It can be hard to change out of wet bikinis when you're at the beach for the day, so if that's the case, just don't cover them up under shorts or something while they're still damp, and then change as soon as you can.

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Avoid Super Tight Shorts

What better time than the summertime to wear tight short shorts? I know it's hard to resist those cute little denim shorts, but they could be wrecking havoc on your vagina. Tight shorts or bottoms in general will always put you more at risk for an infection down there as it makes you sweaty and also leads to uncomfortable chafing. This gets even worse in the summer, when it's really hot and gross. You don't need to throw out all of your tight denim pairs, but try opting for loose cotton versions or dresses when you can.

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Wash Your Towels Regularly

I go to the beach as often as possible in the summer, and sometimes this means I'll go a few days without washing my beach towel - to conserve water, and also, I'm lazy. If you do the same, you should stop. Wet towels are ideal for breeding bacteria, and using those on your body, especially near your vag, can cause infections. Wash your towels! That goes for shower and bathroom towels too.

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Change Your Underwear If You Get Really Sweaty

Again, summer equals more sweat. This is a tip you should follow all year, but especially during the summer: if you get super sweaty, change your underwear. This is especially true if you work out or play sports during the warmer months. Keep a spare pair of cotton underwear nearby. Sitting around in sweaty underwear is not a good idea for your vag.

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Go Commando Sometimes

Underwear is great, but you know what is also great? A healthy vagina. You can get that by skipping underwear sometimes. Go commando whenever you can, and you should really try going sans underwear every night when you're sleeping. Your vagina needs to breathe, especially if it's been hot and sweaty all day long.

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Use Powder

Feeling sweaty and icky down there sucks. Chafing in between your inner thighs sucks. If you can't stand the feeling, invest in this Lush Silky Underwear Powder. It smells amazing and is made for that sensitive area down there (although I still don't recommend putting it ON your vag). Use this to stop chafing in between your thighs without worrying about it bothering your area, use it around your bra, or just put it anywhere. It's great.

Wear Cotton Underwear

I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but let me say it again: cotton underwear is the best thing you can do for your vagina. It lets your lady parts breathe and makes things more comfortable. It's better for sweat as well. You should always be wearing cotton underwear, but especially during the summer months. Yeah, lace and satin is pretty, but is it really worth the possible infection?

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Wash With Warm Water Every Day

Summer means we're all feeling extra sweaty and gross every day. This means you should be showering more, especially if you feel gross down there. Skip the douching, the scented body washes, and anything like that, and just wash your vag with warm water regularly. That will help with any possible smell better than anything else.

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Which of these tips are you going to follow? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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