18 Ridiculously Cute & Easy DIY Succulent Planters You Have To Make

I realize that DIY planters don’t sound sexy or exciting or even terribly interesting. When you think of a planter, you probably think of a nice, cliche Mother’s Day gift, or maybe something you buy your grandma for her birthday because you don’t know what else to get her. I feel that. But guys, if you haven’t already become familiar with succulent planters, you need to, because they are one of the cutest things in the entire world, and you are going to be obsessed with them.

Are plants cute? Typically no, but these guys are. I don’t know if it’s their tiny plant form with their little leaves, or if it’s the adorable planters they sit in, but for some reason, succulents make me smile with joy every time I see them. Another plus: air plants are ridiculously easy to take care of, which is great news for someone like me, who cannot manage to keep flowers alive because she forgets they need, you know, water. Succulents make quirky but fun decorations for your bedroom, your office space, your bathroom, your dorm room, maybe even your beauty vanity. Putting them together could not be easier, so please, I beg of you, do not drop $50 on a cute AF planter from Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie, because it is not necessary.

Skeptical? Great! I have 18 images to prove you wrong. Here are the cutest and easiest DIY succulent planters you need to make now:

First, here’s the breakdown on how to actually plant your succulent once you make the planter:




1. Like so many other things, mason jars are perfect for this DIY. Decorate them, then make them your little succulent garden. 




2. You can also repurpose old items to make them into planters. 



Little teacups are very feminine and pretty, but you can find anything out there to use! Hit up a garage sale or thrift shop and buy old pieces to repurpose.


3. These tiny painted pots are so easy and beyond adorable. 



They’re also really versatile – paint them whatever color you want, add designs, put on some stickers – you can do anything!


4. Feeling inspired to do something a little more complicated? Make these wire planters. 



These are super impressive, because they look like something you could buy at Urban Outfitters. They’re also just really fun and make a great decoration for your room.


5. Go one step further and make a whole little terrarium. Glass globes are a super cool look. 




6. Okay, this is the cutest. Make a little hanging planter with a hook. 



This can hold your keys or a hoodie, or anything you want. You can even make it bigger and add more hooks, or smaller hooks, to hold jewelry.


7. If you’re looking for an offbeat decoration for indoor or outside, grab an old book and make it into a planter. 



This is so unique! It would also be a cool centerpiece if you’re having a party or something.


8. Speaking of books, why not make planters that also work as bookends?



Use this for your bedroom or a desk. It’s kind of the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


9. Have some fun and decorate not only the planter, but the rocks inside. 




10. Use old or cheap plastic animals to create the most fun succulent planters in the world. 



Are you DYING? Because I am.


11. Concrete planters might sound weird, but they look so cool. 



The juxtaposition between the serious concrete and the feminine plants just works! And these are easier than you would think.


12. Use an old soda bottle to create the best cat planter ever. 



Are you KIDDING me this is so cute I want to cry.


13. Make a little elephant planter that will bring you good luck. 




14. Use a seashell to DIY a decoration perfect for summer. 



How pretty is this? Grab a seashell you found or buy an inexpensive one at any craft store, fill it with dirt, and add some succulents. There’s no end to the creativity.


15. You can also use sea urchins to make succulent planters that look like jellyfish. 





16. Speaking of summer vibes, why not make a mini pineapple air plant planter?



I officially can no longer handle the adorableness of this DIY list.


17. Paint cement to make the coolest succulent planters out there. 



These are unexpected and so pretty to look at.


18. DIY marble planters for something unique. 



Marble planters look glam and chic, and will match anything.


Which one of these succulent DIYs are you going to try? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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