12 Annoying Things That Guys Think About Periods

If you have ever gotten to know a boy on a level that is even barely approaching intimacy, you’ll probably know this: they don’t understand girls that well. And, because of this, boys don’t really understand periods, either.

Of course, there are some boys who understand periods—any woke bae male feminist would probably be more than happy to explain in great detail exactly how much he knows about periods and the intersectionality of a woman’s uterus, or something—but when it comes down to it, the most that guys know about menstruation is pretty vague. They that it’s something that happens once a month, probably, and that there is blood involved (though they’d rather not talk about that), and that it’s a convenient thing to blame if a girl is acting irritable.

But beyond that? Who knows.

Of course, to be fair, there are many things that I do not understand about guys. I do not understand why they do that thing when they randomly stick their hands in their pants when they’re just kinda chilling, or why every boy’s room seems to smell as though they stuck a bowl of wet dog food under their bed and left it there for a hundred years. So I am certainly not one to talk about knowing exactly what is going on with the opposite sex. Still, though, it’s pretty amusing to see what guys think to be true about girls, and especially periods. So, check out these weird things that guys think about periods:

1. It attracts bears.




2. And sharks.


Also no.


3. That any woman who’s upset or angry or irritable is on her period.


Maybe girls get irritable because guys always think they’re on their period. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE.


4. Or, alternatively, that PMS is a convenient thing that girls levy as an excuse for bad behavior.


Pick a side, guys. Come on.


5. Cramps are “not actually a big deal.”


Try them out, guys. You’d love it.


6. The mere mention of a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup will strip them of their masculinity, or something.


CHILL. NOBODY WILL THINK THAT YOU USE TAMPONS IF YOU BRING THEM UP. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)


7. Period blood gets everywhere and, as such, they can’t be around you while you’re on your period.


Calm down. It’s handled.


8. Healthy girls don’t actually need to menstruate.


No, really. Some guys actually think this.


9. That they have to use random euphemisms and phrases to describe it.


You know, when they’re like, “Your, uh, your…time. Your thing.  That thing you have to deal with once a month.”


10. That periods are bad. For them. Because it means you can’t have sex. 

How absolutely tragic for you. Besides, you totally can have sex when you’re on your period! You don’t have to, obviously. But you can.

11. Or, that it’s an excuse to have unprotected sex, because you won’t get pregnant.
Nope. Sorry.

12. That it’s not something they ever have to talk about.
According to one guy on this Reddit thread: “I think of them the same way I think of other people’s kids. I know they exist and I know they’re necessary but I don’t want to hear about them.” STOP.


Were you surprised by any of these things? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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