7 Of The Weirdest Things People Have Used To Apply Makeup

Today, I was confronted with a question: Has contouring gone too far?

This question is one that is slightly troubling, though ultimately consequence-free, and one that I have wondered before, of course. I wondered it when people began to use contouring techniques on their necks. I wondered when those techniques expanded to their legs. And I wondered it most of all when I received a PR email advising me to contour my ears, just like Kylie Jenner (which I did, by the way).

And then, today, I saw…this:

A video posted byS a d i a(@sadiaslayy) on

If you can’t see the video, for whatever reason, it is a girl applying makeup. Contouring, to be exact. With, um, a Christian Louboutin stiletto. Now, I am loath to hate on her, obviously, because the truth of the matter is that she looks great, and I obviously respect her commitment to innovation. It’s just that it got me thinking–what other tools have beauty vloggers used to apply their makeup? I assumed that there had to be at least some because, like I said, the makeup vlogger industry is one of the most innovative fields out there.

And, well, there definitely were. So, let’s check out the weirdest things that people have ever used to apply their makeup:

Do you ever contour? What do you think of these makeup tools? Let us know in the comments!

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