7 Of The Weirdest Things People Have Used To Apply Makeup

Today, I was confronted with a question: Has contouring gone too far?

This question is one that is slightly troubling, though ultimately consequence-free, and one that I have wondered before, of course. I wondered it when people began to use contouring techniques on their necks. I wondered when those techniques expanded to their legs. And I wondered it most of all when I received a PR email advising me to contour my ears, just like Kylie Jenner (which I did, by the way).

And then, today, I saw…this:

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If you can’t see the video, for whatever reason, it is a girl applying makeup. Contouring, to be exact. With, um, a Christian Louboutin stiletto. Now, I am loath to hate on her, obviously, because the truth of the matter is that she looks great, and I obviously respect her commitment to innovation. It’s just that it got me thinking–what other tools have beauty vloggers used to apply their makeup? I assumed that there had to be at least some because, like I said, the makeup vlogger industry is one of the most innovative fields out there.

And, well, there definitely were. So, let’s check out the weirdest things that people have ever used to apply their makeup:

A Sock

Mayra Touch Of Glam, a YouTube beauty vlogger, recently posted a video in which she applied her foundation with a sock. She called it the "next beauty blender." I don't know about that--people are very passionate about their beauty blenders--but it does look pretty good, so if you've got some (clean, soft) socks lying around, it might be worth a shot?

Tutorial image source:YouTube

A Knife

Here you can see beauty vlogger "Barbie Gutz" using a very sharp knife as a stencil for contour, eyeliner, and highlight. This seems incredibly dangerous, and I cannot in good conscience recommend that you try it, but the results are, uh, sharp. So. I don't know. Enjoy watching the tutorial, I guess?

Tutorial image source:YouTube


Compared to a knife, tape contouring seems pretty tame, Still, though, it's a LOT. Basically, to do this, you just apply tape in a sort of cross-hatch formation all over your face, and fill in the spaces with contour. Then you rip it off, so you get a little bit of a hair removal thing, too. I guess.

Tutorial image source:YouTube

A Spoon

Ah, yes. Kitchen supplies. To do this, you just hold a spoon above your cheekbone and apply the contour powder right over it. All things considered, a spoon is not actually the weirdest thing you could use--just make sure you use a clean spoon. And wash it afterwards. And don't press too hard, otherwise you might end up with a dent on your face.

Tutorial image source:YouTube

A Fork

Okay, so this was part of a parody video done by makeup vlogger Nikki Tutorials in response to the increasingly weird methods people use to contour their faces--the next logical step after spoon contouring, she reasoned, must be fork contouring. To do it, you hold a fork against your forehead and fill in the empty spaces, which creates a pleasant, jagged effect. Still, even though this was a joke, I am almost positive that at least SOME people have tried it.

Tutorial image source:YouTube

A Whisk

Again, this was a joke. But Nikkie Tutorials said that the whisk "holds your brush steady" to prefect your "chin contour" which, again, I am sure at least ONE person tried to do.

Tutorial image source:YouTube

A Stiletto Heel

Gotta check out that sweet stiletto action one last time--to do this, place a stiletto heel against the areas you want to contour, and draw a straight line. Then blend it and apply highlighter. You're a beauty vlogger now!

Tutorial image source:Instagra

Do you ever contour? What do you think of these makeup tools? Let us know in the comments!

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