12 Real People Share Where They Lost Their Virginity

Losing one’s virginity has so many expectations attached to it. Whether you’re a diehard romantic or pretty terrified of sex, you’ve probably pictured the way it would happen at least once. Thanks to ridiculous teen movies, you might have imagined your first time as a perfect night with candles, flowers, music, or maybe even a goofy, crazy, over-the-top evening culminating in an awkward but sweet experience. If you’ve already had sex, then you know that the first time is almost never like that in real life. And if you’re still a virgin, well… it’s better you find out the truth now! Real people don’t lose their virginity in picture-perfect moments.

Having sex for the first time can be a lot of things: wonderful, nervewracking, weird, pleasurable, painful, moving, tricky, awkward, uncomfortable… no one can tell you exactly what it will be like, because it’s not the same experience for any two people. Fortunately, we got more than two people to share part of their first time experience: where they lost their virginity. The movies did get one thing right: it can happen anywhere. While some people opted for a traditional bedroom experience, others went for more unique locations. Some were planned, and some happened at the spur of the moment. The lesson? There’s no “right” place to lose your virginity! Check out these stories, and if you’re not a virgin, tell us where you did it the first time.

In A Car

Andrew, at 17

It happened in the backseat of my car, because it's the only place we could get away from my parents. I parked it at the service entrance to someone's cornfield.

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In A School

Thomas, at 18

It was in a study room in our high school. No one was around...

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In A Friend's Room

Anthony, at 16

It was in my good friend's spare bedroom. His parents were out of town and the location was chosen because the other available bedroom was taken by my other good friend. The bedroom also had a shower so that was a plus...ended up using that for morning sex. We flushed the condom, which clogged the toilet, so that was an ordeal in and of itself.

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On A Couch

Jenny, at 18

It was on my boyfriend's parents' couch. It wasn't planned at all so not really a "chosen" location. It just happened, but it was so fast we decided to have a "redo" in my dorm room a couple months later when he came to visit.

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In A Bunk Bed

Anna, at 18

It was in a college dorm lofted bed, way too close to the ceiling for people as tall as we were. We picked that location because his roommate was dating one of my roommates (something we called a "room sweep") and he was hanging out in my room. I remember he put on an elephant thong beforehand and he put my legs on his shoulders which was painful due to both being so close to said low ceiling and the whole "having a hymen" thing. There was blood. Which he then had to wash in the washing machine in in our dorm which was kind of horrifying, but he was really sweet about it.

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On Vacation

Tyler, at 17

I was at a resort in the Dominican Republic. The girl was from France and spoke poor English, I spoke three poor French sayings, but fortunately we both spoke Spanish. I was too nervous the first night but took her back to my place the next night and we ended up having sex the rest of the trip. Never looked back after that.

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In A Basement

Daniel, at 17

It was in my basement, after Valentine's Day dinner. My bedroom was next to my parents' room...so, duh.

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In His Bedroom

Joseph, at 16

It was in my bedroom in my parents' house with my high school girlfriend. I think it was our six month anniversary. My parents were gone so it was convenient. I had candles and incense at the ready so I thought I was being romantic. I think Jack Johnson was playing in the background.

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In A Hotel

Youssef, at 21

I was 21 years old and got a hotel room. I told the woman who was booking the reservations that it was my first time having sex and she upgraded me to a suite for free. It was with my first serious girlfriend.

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In A Dorm Room

Derek, at 18

I lost it my senior year of high school. I was dating a freshman in college, and it happened in her dorm room. Her roommate was traveling, so privacy was assured.

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In A Friend's Guest Room

Steve, at 16

It was in my friend's guest room, his parents were gone so we were partying. Thirty seconds in my friend ran in screaming that her mom was home.

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In A Bedroom, But With A Twist

Brendan, at 17

Location is boring, contest is amazing. It was in my high school bedroom. It Halloween my senior year of high school, and the moment we were done I suited up in a full Superman costume. Never felt better.

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Where did you lose your virginity? Where do you want to lose your virginity? Let me know in the comments.


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