Everything You Need To Know About Micropenises

When it comes to penises, we can all agree that our culture has made one thing certain: Bigger is better. Big penises dominate porn, big penis thirst is the subject of plenty of funny Twitter and Tumblr posts, and penises that are less endowed are the subject of casual mockery in TV, movies, songs, etc. Basically, we’re supposed to love big dicks! And we’re supposed to think that little dicks are jokes. Now, in the real world, the average penis is about 5.2 inches long when erect, a far cry from the 10 inch dicks you might have read about in smutty fan fictions. Also, plenty of people have a hard time handling big penises during intercourse. So when all is said and done, most of us are a lot more accepting of more modest penises than we think. But what about folks who have penises that are smaller than average? What about people who have penises that are, like, way smaller than average. What about someone who has a micropenis?

You might be reading this and wondering what the hell a micropenis is. Well, fair enough, because it’s definitely a rarity and it’s not like it’s discussed during sex-ed or anatomy units. But they’re out there, and after reading various articles about the people who have them, I’ve realized that they’re definitely worth knowing about. One of our readers recently emailed us with a question about her boyfriend who has a micropenis! So, how small does a micropenis have to be to be considered a micropenis? And how does sex work if you have a micropenis? Read on for the answers! Here’s everything you need to know about micropenises.

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What is a micropenis?

A micropenis generally refers to a penis that is about 1.2 inches long while flaccid and stretched. Remember how I said that the average erect penis is 5.2 inches long? Well, the average penis size while flaccid is 3.6 inches long, so that’s significantly smaller than average.


Whoa, how does this happen?

Micropenises are usually the result of a hormone defect in utero. Basically, the development of androgen–which promotes the growth of “male” characteristics–in the womb gets screwed up. This can lead to a lack of testosterone, testicular deformations, and poor pituitary gland development (which can determine growth and sex organ function). Also, high exposure to estrogen-based fertility drugs in the womb can lead to reduced penis size and, possibly, micropenises. All in all, micropenises just sort of…happen.


How common are micropenises?

They’re super rare and only occur in .06 percent of males.


Okay, so, how does someone have intercourse when they have a micropenis?

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Well, people with micropenises can still have an erection, meaning that it’s not exactly impossible to have intercourse or perform oral. But, understandably, the lack of length and girth can make sex very difficult. Not just physically, but psychologically, too. Many people with micropenises actively avoid sexual relationships out of fear of being made fun of or turning off potential partners. It’s hard to read a single account of someone with a micropenis that doesn’t involve bouts of depression or instances of bullying.

Still, there are people out there with micropenises who are able to lead happy lives. You know, they get married, they have kids…they just have a super small penis. Creativity is key to sex with a micropenis. Oral, incorporating toys into the mix, etc can all be beneficial. Penetration isn’t everything.

Are there any actual health issues associated with micropenises?

Generally, no. People with micropenises are able to do everything else that anyone else with a penis can do.


Um, can’t somebody with a micropenis just get surgery or something? Hormone infections? A new penis? Anything?


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Well, here’s where things get tricky. If a micropenis is detected as a baby, testosterone treatments can help increase the penis size during childhood, puberty, and beyond. But this has to start early. Even with this treatment, the penis rarely reaches average size.

So, what if you find out that you have a micropenis when you’re, say, 16-years-old, or as an adult? Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done unless you get a prosthetic (fake) penis surgically attached to your body.

But here’s the weirdest, most effed up thing about micropenises: From the ’60s to the late ’70s, some doctors suggested that parents of children with micropenises simply try to raise their child as a girl. This is, like, ten levels of problematic for so many reasons due to how complicated gender and sex can be. Thankfully, this practice isn’t common anymore, but if you want to read about someone who experienced it, check out David Reimer.

How can I learn more about people who actually deal with micropenises?

Here are a few interesting articles about micropenises:

What should I do if someone I want to be intimate with has a micropenis?


Honestly, if a micropenis isn’t a deal breaker, then you need to discuss how to experience intimacy with your partner in ways that don’t necessarily focus entirely on intercourse. Luckily, foreplay exists, so it’s not impossible. As I mentioned earlier, creativity is key, so try not to rely on the ol’ in out and nothing else because that might lead to disappointment.  Oral, toys, etc, learn them, love them, embrace them. Also, maybe you two should consider sex therapy for some other tips from medical professionals.

Whatever you do, don’t pressure them into having surgery or something. This is really insensitive and is probably the last thing they want to hear. Like, they’ve probably already thought of it, this isn’t a new idea for them. Either you accept their micropenis or you don’t.

Good luck!


So, what was the most interesting thing you’ve learned about micropenises? What other myths have you heard about micropenises, if any? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Mic Jack

    For anyone reading this who has a micropenis, I invite you to join my support forums http://www.forums.micropenis.info/ and visit http://www.micropenis.info/ the only site dedicated to the condition 🙂

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  • Gemma Simms

    I loved this article. My most recent bf has a micropenis, normal but for its very small size. He told me up-front, at what seems like it was an appropriate time and in a way that was actually kind of funny – I mean we both laughed. As a result, it wasn’t so much of an issue when we first shared physical intimacy. I have my own body insecurities, but not ones that society or popular culture points to as a matter of personal worth. Our relationship ran its course, as most do, and we parted friends and with good memories of our time together.

    • john smith

      hi gemma i have a 2 inch micro penis i cant orgasm my wife i cant even go up down in her i just jab at her she cant feel it at all was your ex able to bring you thanks

      • Gemma Simms

        Orgasm isn’t a transitive verb. You have a very strange way of expressing this. It isn’t like serving her coffee, something you could do all by yourself. She has to be into it and has to participate and take some responsibility also for her own orgasms. Two inches is plenty to rub against her clitoris. Essentially all women can have clitoral orgasms, with or without a penis involved. Lesbians do just fine and have orgasms without one. If the two of you can bring her to orgasm with a tongue or fingers, then the two of you can bring her to orgasm with a micropenis. If there is a problem with her reaching orgasm, it isn’t with the size of the phallus. It’s in the minds of the two people involved.