8 Graduation Things You Need To Stop Stressing Out About

Graduation season is officially here, which is all sorts of exciting and thrilling. Graduation signifies the ending of some part of your education and the beginning of a new phase of your life. It’s an amazing feeling, but it’s also really, really scary. I get it, but guys, there are so many graduation things you need to stop stressing out about. Graduation should be about celebrating a big accomplishment in your life – it should be fun and happy, not stressful and nervewracking. This is a time to celebrate!

Forget about the fact that you’re *supposed* to have your life figured out after you take off that cap and gown, and just live in the moment. That’s definitely easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If graduation is freaking you out, the first step is to chill out about the small stuff so you can focus on what’s going on in the present. Yes, you have a lot to do in the near future, but you don’t need to spend this time of celebration over-thinking about them. Here are eight things you need to stop stressing about so you can relax and enjoy this truly huge moment in your life. You’ll thank me later, trust me.


What You're Wearing To Graduation

Sure, you want to look good on graduation day, but let's not get crazy here. You're going to be wearing a large robe over your outfit anyway. Unless you have plans immediately afterwards with no time to get changed, you can rock something nice, but not as fancy, if it's going to make you more comfortable. Your school may have a dress code when it comes to graduation attire, but since it's the summer and for most of you, that means very warm weather during an outdoor ceremony, it's okay to prioritize comfort over style if you have time to get changed. That means sweating up whatever you're wearing to the ceremony. You may want to have two options for the actual day.

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Having The Most Clever Graduation Cap

Who doesn't love a clever, well decorated grad cap? Not to mention you'll know for sure which one's yours when you inevitably throw it up in the air once the ceremony's all over. Don't feel pressured to have the best joke, most clever cap, or even the best decorated cap, because you might not even be allowed to. Yup. Some schools have policies against that. Even if they didn't, and you are allowed to decorate, you should still relax a little. It's going to make a good Instagram and a dorm room decoration. Don't worry about making everyone else laugh with your cap, just do something meaningful for yourself.

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Where Everyone Else Is Going To College

You may spend entirely too much time on Google Maps trying to figure out if your bestie's college is drivable or what you're going to do now that your nemesis is going to the same school as you. Did that person get into an ivy league school? How? They're so dumb! It's time to stop comparing yourself to your peers because it literally doesn't matter anymore. Don't stress about who got what and when and what it all means for you because it actually means nothing in your life.

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What You're Doing Afterwards

You don't have to have the coolest, most exciting plans. Why? You're going to be exhausted right after and probably not going to want to rage too hard. Cool if you are, but sitting and listening to speakers and being on your feet in rehearsal that morning and then queuing up and standing forever just to walk to the ceremony might make you super sleepy. Totally fine! Also, you have the whole rest of your summer before college to celebrate in a big way with your friends. You don't have to rush anything or put pressure on graduation night.

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Who You're Sitting Next To

Chances are, they're lining you up by last name, so you might be in a sea of familiar faces from homeroom. You might not. I knew no one I was sitting next to for my high school graduation and I freaking went to high school with them. The ceremony itself is quiet on your part. It's a lot of listening to speakers anyway, but it would still be nice to be near a friend or two. Even the annoying people are going to go away right when the ceremony is done and it's be unfortunate if you let some random person spoil your graduation experience.

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Taking Care Of Your Family's Feelings

This can go one of two ways: either your family drama is weighing you down or your family is so thoroughly obsessed with you and crying that it feels overwhelming. Either way, you are not responsible for your family's feelings, their showing up, or how they react to you graduating. Today is about you. You are not responsible for taking care of anyone but yourself. If someone acts reckless or rude, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their own drama. Your parents are going to have overwhelming feelings and that's natural - they're parents - just accept it for what it is and that they love you. No sense in getting embarrassed, you're their baby.

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What You're Going To Do For The Rest Of Your Life

Literally every person is going to ask you what you plan to major in, what you want to be when you grow up, and where you see yourself in ten years. You don't have to have an answer for that. Coming up with an answer that's both true and is enough to satiate your family and get them off your back is difficult. Don't feel like you have to have a correct answer or that you can't change your mind once you get to school. You may find out that you don't like your major after all. Who knows? We're all trying to figure it out and there's no reason why anyone should expect an 18-year-old to have their whole life mapped out.

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Remembering Everything As It Happens

Graduation is definitely a time to get sentimental. Your K-12 education career is coming to an end and you're surrounded by the kids you've literally grown up with. Now, bear with me, but there's no need to try and lock every moment away as a memory you can tell your grandkids. You will naturally remember the good parts and forget the mediocre things, including some of the names of the people you went to school with, who spoke, and what happened. Remember how you felt and some key moments and the rest will take care of itself. Take all of the pictures. Your life is going to be filled with these kinds of moments, and graduation is just one of them.

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How do you feel about graduation? What are you stressed about? What did we forget to include? Let us know in the comments!

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