7 Types Of Summer Shoes That Don’t Show Your Toes

My toes look janky 90 percent of the year. The 10 percent of the year that they don’t look janky is during a short period of time every summer when I finally decide to get a pedicure and rock my open toed shoes. But then, being the lazy (and cheap) chick that I am, I neglect to get another one for months, if not a year later. Seriously, I still have a bit of nail polish on my toes from the time I got them done five months ago. Of course, I can just paint and cut my nails myself, but for whatever reason, I have the nail painting skills of a two year old, and I can never find my nail clippers. So, unfortunately, sandal season tends to be pretty short for me, and will continue to be until I decide to get my you know what together.

But does that mean that I’m spending my summer smothering my feet in stuffy shoes? Nope! You don’t have to resort to dressing out of season just because your toes don’t look on point. You can either say eff it and rock your flippy floppies anyway, or opt for these seven summer friendly shoes that don’t put your toes on display. Put away your winter booties, dude, you’ve got options:


Espadrilles straight up scream summer to me. Pair with an airy dress or skirt and you'll forget that your toes look like the seventh circle of hell.

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The caged toe design of jellies makes them absolutely perfect for hiding your toes in the summertime. However, the PVC material of jellies can make your feet super sweaty if you wear them all day. Consider pairing your jellies with thin cotton socks or even mesh paneled socks. Trust me, it looks really cute.

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Mules Or Clogs

Mules and clogs give your ankles some room to breathe, and while they might look a bit heavy for summer, they look absolutely killer with denim. So consider pairing with denim shorts or wide leg denim jeans.

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Slip On Sneakers

Sneakers are friendly in all kinds of weather, but for a more warm-weather friendly look, avoid hi-tops and opt for slip-ons and canvas structured shoes. Just don't forget to wear some socks!

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Ankle Boots With Cut Outs

Having a hard time giving up your ankle boots? Try wearing ankle boots with cut outs. They'll make the shoes look lighter and they'll feel lighter, too.

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Woven Leather Shoes

Shoes that are made from a woven design look really light and airy despite the fact that your foot is fully encased! Pair with shorts or a mini skirt and you won't miss your open toed shoes at all.

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Ballet Flats

You really can't go wrong with a ballet flat during warm months. The best part? Nobody will know that your toe nails haven't been cut in a zillion years.

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Do you care about your toenails during the summer? Are you usually wearing closed or open toed shoes when it’s warm out? Tell us in the comments!

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