6 Sexist Things A Guy Has Said To You That You Didn’t Know Were Sexist

Oppressive BS is usually a lot more subtle than we’re led to believe. For example, some of the most racist moments of my life didn’t involve somebody calling me the N word or telling me to use a “colored” drinking fountain; they came in the form of snide comments about whether or not I fit certain black stereotypes, or people saying that they were surprised by how “well-spoken” I am. It’s the same when it comes to sexism. Most of us probably haven’t been told that we belong in the kitchen, or that we shouldn’t be allowed to vote or something. But how many times has someone “mansplained” something to you? How many times has a dude complimented you while badmouthing other girls? How many times has a guy been surprised that you knew something about sports or a video game?

Everyday sexism is sneaky, and you’ve probably been a victim of it and never even knew it. Here are six sexist things a guy has said to you that you didn’t know were sexist. Next time, sneakily call him out on it and see what happens.

'Oh, you probably wouldn't like [hobby that is erroneously associated with men]!'

I heard a man say this to a woman recently about a detective movie. "Oh, you probably wouldn't be interested. There were a lot of twists and turns." Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know that women weren't allowed to be interested in detective movies. I guess they're just too hard for our little brains to follow. LOL, as if. Maybe dudes shouldn't assume that we wouldn't be interested in something just because it seems out of our league.


'You're Not Like Other Girls!'

THIS ISN'T A COMPLIMENT. It's basically saying that all other girls are vapid pieces of garbage, but you're a special snowflake. He probably has some seriously effed up opinions about women in general. Pass.

Some Girls

'Oh, you like [band, sports team, video game]? Then [insert useless trivia question to challenge you]?'

UGH, this is the worst. To be fair, every ahole fan of a music genre, sport, or video game will try to be an ahole to a fellow fan and challenge their dedication, but women deal with this a lot when it comes to subject matters that aren't traditionally thought of as appealing to women. Like, a chick can't even talk about a sports team without some dude asking, "OH, THEN WHAT'S THE NAME OF THE COACH FROM 1975 AND WHAT CAR DID HE DRIVE?"


'I Like That You Keep Your Look Natural!'

On the surface, this doesn't seem too bad. Maybe you keep your makeup light, maybe you don't wear it at all. But ultimately, this is just another way of saying that you're "not like other girls" but in an even more vain package. Women wearing makeup is often associated with being frivolous, self-centered, and even deceptive. There's nothing wrong with a woman wearing makeup, and it's ridiculous that so many dudes claim to love celebrities who rock "no-makeup" looks when that celeb is actually wearing a pound of makeup. Sigh.


'You're Just Getting Emotional!'

Women are just little fireballs of feeeeeeeeeeelings, right? Being emotional or moody isn't gendered, but women's moodiness is seen as some sort of petty yet volatile force. I mean, some dudes think that women shouldn't even be in positions of power because they're too emotional, which is just another way of saying that they're not level headed. You're allowed to have an emotional reaction to something without being a moody airhead.

Pretty In Pink

'Actually...[proceeds to explain your own experience]!'

MANSPLAINING! Men love to explain your own experiences, as a woman, to you. It's so condescending. Next time a guy does this to you, say, "Oh, thank you for explaining what it's like to be a woman."

The Breakfast Club

What subtly sexist comments have been hurdled your way? What’s the best way to deal with this? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ash Rose

    I don’t really think that any of these are sexist apart from you are not like other girls.