Quiz: Are You The Outcast Of Your Friend Group?

There’s one in every friend group.

An outcast, that is. You know, the person who’s friends with everyone, technically, and a part of the group, in theory, but when it comes down to it, it kind of seems like no one in the group actually wants them there. There is an argument to be made, of course, that the outcast is actually the most important member of the squad—they are necessary to keep the rest of the group happy with one another, and helps everyone form a united front against them.

Still—it’s not super fun to actually be the outcast, is it? There’s the sneaking suspicion that everyone around you doesn’t like you all that much (not great), plus, the feeling that your supposed friends have another separate group chat that you are very much not a part of (again: not totally great).


Feel like you might be the outcast? You might want to take this quiz. And, you know, a brief disclaimer– this is just a quiz. We don’t know you, nor do we know the inner workings of your squad, and, as such, there is really no way for us to definitively say what your exact status is. Still, though, there are some pretty noticeable indicators, so, if you feel like you might be the outcast of your friend group, take this quiz: 


What result did you get? Were you surprised? Let us know in the comments!

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