17 Embarrassing Lazy Girl Problems We All Have That We Don’t Admit To

Can we please all stop dogging on the lazy girl? You can be ambitious, exciting, and successful, and still be bummy af sometimes. We’ve all gotten in that mood where we don’t feel like doing anything, which leads to a lot of embarrassing lazy girl problems we never really want to admit to. One moment you’re running the mile in gym class, the next, you’re a prostrate couch starfish with no hope of moving your body ever again. It’s not pretty or glamorous, but it’s real.

There are little pockets of lazy in everyone’s day that are so you that you might not even want to admit it. Sometimes life is easier – dare I say, sweeter – without the constant need for maintenance and the weird need to always be busy. What if you just stopped and took a breather? Okay, for some of us, that’s an entire lifestyle choice (hey, girl), but I think we could all stand to benefit from being a little more lax so long as it doesn’t compromise your school work, relationships, or hygiene. These 17 lazy girl problems happen to literally everybody, so there’s no sense in denying that the lazy girl is *never* you because you’re so star spangled awesome and active. F-ck that. It’s time to get real!

1) You want to reach the remote, but you can’t leave the blanket burrito nestled into your couch nest.

Peak comfort is a delicate balance that is not given up lightly.


2) You would rather suffer in silence holding your pee than dare go to the bathroom when your show is on.



3) Before you settle in to the couch, you need to check and make sure that everything you could ever need is within arm’s reach.

Honestly, the settling into the couch ritual is way longer than you spend on any other ritual in your life.


4) Deciding when to quit dry shampoo and actually take a shower is a hard won battle.

Why actually shower when it can just *look* like you showered?


5) You don’t know if you should set a timer for your nap or give in to your sloth-like ways.

Turn down for naps.


6) You stay up forever at night because you habitually take monster four hour naps.

HAPPENED. Hey, 4am, nice to see you.


7) Cleaning up some smudged eyeliner from yesterday and pretending it’s fresh is your go-to look.

No one will know! It’s edgy. There’s tutorials on how to look smudged and reckless, right?


8) You get irrationally angry when the takeout place doesn’t give you disposable utensils and plates because that means doing dishes.

Anything to avoid doing dishes tbh.


9) You don’t understand the purpose of cleaning your room is because you’re just going to mess it up in a few seconds.

Same goes for making your bed.


10) The time spent on your bed thinking about getting ready takes longer than actually getting ready.

Like a one hour sitting in contemplation v. five minutes to get dressed and eat breakfast kind of ratio.


11) The thought of having a beauty routine, while aspirational, sounds exhausting.

What multi-step process is worth it? Please tell me now.


12) Dressing up for school literally sounds like a joke to you.

LOL WHAT. No. Why?


13) You’ve showered with your clothes hanging in the bathroom instead of ironing them.

That’s how steaming works, right? Irons are for grilled cheeses? I got that right, right?


14) You aren’t sure if you Netflix binge because you’re invested in a series or you’re too lazy to start browsing again.

Why does no one talk about how long it takes to decide on what to watch on Netflix. It takes a metric eternity to find a show or movie you like!


15) You bought gym clothes because they’re cute, not because you actually wear them when you exercise.

True story: my friend wears hers to go grocery shopping, so the clerks think she just worked out. (Also, bless Ivy Park.)


16) You bum everything off of your friends instead of carrying your own.

Looking at you, tampons, tissues, anti-bacterial gel, and Advil.


17) You can rationalize your way into or out of anything.

Your lazy behavior knows no bounds, but you’re not a complete slacker. There’s a method behind your madness and you can make up whatever excuse you need to in order to justify your laziness.

Are you lazy? Did I leave anything out? What are your lazy girl problems? Let us know in the comments!

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