15 Reasons Why Dudes Should Wear Crop Tops

The crop top resurgence over the past few years has been, in a word, brilliant. From loose crop tops paired with high waist jeans, to tight, spandex numbers paired with mini skirts and short shorts, the return of the midriff has never felt like a dated throwback or a flash in the pan trend. Styles wax and wane, and crop tops will eventually become less popular before coming back again. But for now, we’re enjoying its revival and the fact that it feels so inclusive; for example, body positivity has helped make crop tops accessible for all body types, from the super skinny set to those of us who have a bit of a tummy. Hell, you can even find crop tops sold in plus sizes now, which is a relief because everybody should be able to get in on this look without shame…including dudes.

Yes, you read that right. Dudes. Dudes should wear crop tops, too. 

Honestly, the fact that more guys aren’t jumping on the crop top bandwagon is a huge disappointment. In an age where Pharrell is wearing eyeliner and Jayden Smith is confidently rocking skirts, dudes feel uncomfortable with the idea of letting their stomachs show? Pfft, come on, let’s cut the gendered BS. If you’re not convinced, check out these 15 reasons why dudes should wear crop tops. If you’re not converted, there’s no hope for you.


1. Because if ’80s Johnny Depp wore one, it’s probably a good idea.

didn't know they were in that film

Nightmare On Elm Street


2. Okay, but seriously, look.

johnny depp crop top nightmare on elm street

Nightmare On Elm Street


3. It’s an ’80s/’90s throwback look that hasn’t been taken advantage of to its full potential. Now is the time. Look at Will Smith rock one on Fresh Prince!

will smith crop top fresh prince

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air/NBC


4. For those of you who are on some ~it’s so feminine~ BS, then explain football player Zeke Elliot wearing one.

zeke elliot crop top


5. Doesn’t every straight chick love when dudes raise their arms and reveal a lil tummy? This just makes it easier. Look at Kid Cudi rockin’ this.

kid cuddi crop top



6. Okay, but seriously, look at how cute this dude is, crop top and all.

kid cuddi crop top tumblr



7. Bejewelled crop tops are a look that dudes should embrace, because they look darling.



8. Kanye once wore an outfit that looked like a crop top! Even though, upon closer inspection, that’s actually a belt, not Kanye’s stomach, it still looks like a crop top. Therefore, all the fuccbois should just start wearing crop tops, TBH.


9. They were good enough for Prince, who could wear literally anything but…whatever.

Prince At Wembley Stadium



10. Jaden Smith, our new Patron Saint of defying the gender mold, thinks they’re fly, too.

jaden smith crop top



11. Okay, but real talk: A loose crop top can be worn really nicely with a pair of jeans and sneakers.




12. They look great with nothing but undies.



13. Apollo Creed, a fictional boxer, thought they were rad AF. Apollo is a winner. Men who are winners wear crop tops. It’s math.

apollo creed crop top



14. They’re great for excellent adventures. If you’er skeptical, check out Ted in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

bill and ted crop top

Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure


15. IDEK, this is just a great photo.


What’s your opinion on guys wearing crop tops? Do you think that clothes in general should be less gender specific? Tell us in the comments!

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