11 Of The Coolest Instagram Eyeliner Trends You Need To Try Right Now

Look. I love a good cat eye. Really. I love the way it looks, love the way I feel after executing a particularly sharp crease (which does not happen often, but whatever), and I love that it is very difficult to do, because I am not in the habit of loving things that come too easily to me. It’s just that sometimes a girl needs an eyeliner look that, like, isn’t a straight wing, you know?

For what it’s worth, Instagram knows. There are a ton of beauty junkies on the ‘gram, and, as such, there are also a lot of really cool and innovative eyeliner alternatives that pop up on what seems like a daily basis. People have been talking about one such Instagram eyeliner trend, bubble liner, a lot recently–which is basically just applying tiny bubble-like dots above the lash line, which is totally great if you are like me and don’t have anything slightly resembling a steady hand–but there are also a ton of other eyeliner looks on Instagram, too. Intrigued? Sick of cat eyes? Just want to look at some cool pictures of makeup? If so, check out these cool Instagram eyeliner trends you need to try out right now:

1. Bubble liner:

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For bubble liner, you basically create a scalloped edge with liquid liner over your lash line. It’s like winged liner, but for people with undsteady hands!

2. Cut crease:

Cut crease liner basically just makes winged liner more intense–you do your regular crease, then add another line under your brow bone for a more defined look.

3. Glitter cut crease:

A photo posted by Ria (@dubai_maven) on

Like the above, but, you know, with glitter. For those extra glam days.

4. Editorial crease:

An editorial crease builds off of the cut crease look, but it makes the winged part more subtle and upper part more bold. It’s great if you want to go for a 1920s sort of vibe.

5. Graphic eyeliner:

A photo posted by Shannon #shaaanxo (@shaaanxo) on

Feeling creative? Try graphic liner. With this look, you open up the wing on your top lash, do an accompanying line below, and fill it in with some sort of pop art style. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s a lot of fun to try out.

6. Puppy liner:

A photo posted by Mindy Tedja (@mgirl83) on

This liner look is a Korean beauty favorite, and makes your eyes look bigger, rounder, and brighter. You know, like a puppy. To do it, trace the inner corner of your eyelids (above the eyelash) with pencil liner, and extend it a bit beyond the outer corner of the eye. Then, trace over it with liquid liner.

7. Ombre eyeliner:

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Love ombre hair? If so, try it out on your eyes! It’s a lot easier than it looks–all you have to do is pick out a light, medium, and dark shade of whatever color you want you eyeliner to be. Then, draw a line over your eyes, starting with the lightest color and ending with the darkest one. To finish, simply take an angled brush and blend all of the colors together.

8. Pastel eyeliner:

A photo posted by @littlegreenrat on

It’s spring–why not bring a little extra color to your eyes? Just pick out on (or more!) of your favorite pastel shades and apply it however you like. You can literally just do a straight line, too–you’ll just look like you’re a beauty vlogger, since the colors will be so different.

9. Smudged eyeliner:

A photo posted by Kashish (@kashishhussain_) on

This is eyeliner that is, you know, smudged–just apply some kohl around your eyes and gently smudge it with a brush or Beauty Blender. Just make sure you go easy on the initial application–too much liner + smudging can make you go from 0-raccoon eyes real quick.

10. Oil slick liner:

As the name of this look implies, the goal here is to make it look like you’ve got an oil slick on your eyes. To get this look, use any eyeliner or eyeshadow that has a metallic pigment to it, mix it with a setting spray (MAC’s makeup artist recommends using a 25 percent setting spray/ 75 percent eye makeup ratio), and using the mixture to basically contour your eyes.

11. Noliner:

A photo posted by Tess Daly Stylist (@tess.daly) on

Okay, this is kind of a cheat because, as the name implies, you don’t actually use eyeliner to get it. But it can create a really cool, eyeliner-like effect–basically, just apply a little more mascara than you usually would, plus some white eyeshadow, to create a wide-eyed effect.

Would you try any of these looks? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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