11 Fashion Mistakes We All Make In Middle School

If you were to ask someone to give you the word they associate most closely with “middle school,” the answer you might be most likely to get is probably “bad clothes.” This is hard to argue with because, for most people, these two things–middle school and bad fashion–are basically synonymous. Middle school is when you really start to ~express yourself~, after all, so it’s natural that your personal style will experience some, uh, growing pains along the way. For example, when I was in middle school, I would often carry around the latest issue of Teen Vogue, which I assumed would make everyone I encountered know that I was both fashionable and worldly, despite the fact that the contents of the magazine did not translate to my wardrobe, and I still wore t-shirts from Hollister and sweatpants from the local thrift store. Growing, meet pains.

Perhaps you, whether you have left middle school or are still there, can relate in some way? If so, that is okay, obviously. There are far worse mistakes one could make than the odd fashion snafu or wardrobe malfunction here or there, and, in fact, it’s pretty inevitable for everyone to brick a ‘fit, so to speak, during the transitional period of middle school. In fact, it’s pretty funny when you own up to it, so, let’s check out the fashion mistakes that we all make in middle school:

1.Wearing clothes that don’t really fit.


You’re growing! It’s hard to find clothes that fit! If yo’re not sure if your clothes fit you or not, check out these signs.


2. Wearing the wrong size bra. 


Hey, bras are probably somewhat new to you, and they are also extremely confusing. Who hasn’t been wearing a 32 B for years, only to find out that that they actually need a 32 D?


3. Buying things specifically because your parents told you not to.


Haha! This crop top you bought with your babysitting money and will never actually wear because you’re too afraid of them finding out will show them!


4. Buying things because that one girl–you know, the really cool one whose style you’ve been trying to emulate–wears it.


It looks so cool on her, and yet…


5. Getting clothes from that one store that everyone shops at, even though you hate everything there. 


You think that if you just wear it enough, you’ll grow to love it, but somehow, that never ends up happening.


6. Buying clothes solely because you can envision yourself wearing them when you and your crush start dating.


You have not actually spoken to them, technically. But you know you would look soo good together. If you just buy this one outfit.


7. Experimenting with layers.


Everyone goes through a “layers” phase in middle school. I can’t explain why; I just know that it’s true.


8. Wearing clothes from online alt stores that you don’t feel comfortable in in any way whatsoever, but you think might be necessary for your ~aesthetic~


You don’t have to buy that shirt that says “Daddy’s Little Girl” on it. I mean, you totally can–it’s just that you don’t have to.


9. Wearing shoes that are way too small and basically destroy your feet.


It’s not your fault! Your feet are growing too fast and you just don’t want to give up that pair of Coach flats that you got for your birthday and fit perfectly three months ago!


10. Wearing matching outfits with your BFF for no reason at all.


It is debatable as to whether or not this is a legitimate “mistake”–I still stan for matching BFF outfits, personally. But if you and your bestie are wearing coordinating outfits every day, that’s…a lot.


11. Trying too hard to emulate your favorite celebrity’s style.


It’s not that Rihanna doesn’t have great style. Of course she does; she is Rihanna. It’s that it’s exhausting to try and mimic her Instagram every single day.


Have you made any mistakes like this? Did I forget any ~iconic~ ones? Let us know in the comments!

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