18 Badass Times Nicki Minaj Gave Advice Young Women Need

I’m just going to say it: Nicki Minaj gets a bad rep when she’s actually the celebrity role model every young woman needs. She might spend a lot of time shaking her ample butt, and sure, she raps about super inappropriate, sexual, NSFW things, but she is way more than just another pop star. Nicki Minaj is a powerful woman whose mission is to empower females to rise to their potential. She makes her fans promise to stay in school, she advocates for strong female friendships, and she doesn’t want any woman depending on a man to support them. Now these are messages we can get behind. (BEHIND- get it? I’ll see myself out.) Some fans are so encouraged by Nicki that they made this meme with a Simpsons reference:


We can get so wrapped up in a celebrity’s image that we forget the struggle they’ve been through and all the good things they’re doing for the world. Nicki is using her fame to spread positive messages to women and young people alike. Her lyrics may be about boobs, but the words she speaks are wise beyond her years. And anyway, who said you can’t be a sexual woman AND a role model? You totally can be, and Nicki is proof of that. Don’t believe me? Here are 18 badass examples of Nicki Minaj giving advice young women need:

1. She always makes it clear that it’s okay to ask for what you want.

2. She shows us how to demand respect.



3. She knows the importance of not needing anyone’s acceptance:



4. She shows us how to be strong and strive for the best:



5. She encourages everyone to speak up for themselves:



6. Nicki stands up for sexist things:



7. She acknowledges the pressure girls are under.



8. She supports other women.



9. And she walks the walk on female friendships.



10. She understands that gender doesn’t equal sex.



11. Nicki has some truly awesome quotes.



12. She wants every girl to feel confident.



13. She has wise things to say about why people don’t like when you succeed.



14. Her concerts are empowering.



15. She makes people PROMISE to her they will stay in school.



16. Emphasizing the importance of education is one of her missions.



17. It’s important to her.

18. She always advocates hard work.



Do you think Nicki Minaj has good things to say? Let me know in the comments below!

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