8 Guys Tell Us What Kind Of Snapchats They Like To Get From Girls

We’re all guilty of doing #basic things on Snapchat, but if you’re using Snapchat to flirt with your crushes, you may want to try some different tactics. Making weird faces or using a filter probably isn’t going to cut it, unless you’re already super close with that person (And you never, never want to send nude snaps. A lot of people are jerks and will save them and hold them over your head. It’s best to try to avoid those people altogether). Of course you want to show off your personality, but if you don’t know someone very well, a shot of you licking the screen as a dog is probably going to be a little confusing. And if you’re flirting with guys on Snapchat, you’re probably wondering what kind of Snapchats they like to receive… so, we did a little detective work for you.

I’ve recently talked to a lot of friends who said that they ended up getting back with their boyfriend or girlfriend because of Snapchat! What a world we live in. They saw all the fun their ex was having without them, and they wanted them back. If that’s not inspiration to step up your snap game, I don’t know what is. On a personal level, I’ve seen some funny Snapchats from guy friends that make me go, “Hmmm…they’re actually kind of cute!” Snapchat really is a great way to capture your personality in an unobtrusive way.

If you’re wondering what you shouldn’t send on Snapchat, don’t worry- we’ve got you covered.  For some ideas for what you should send, we interviewed some real-life guys. These dudes shared with us the types of snaps they like seeing from a girl on Snapchat. You should never tailor your entire Snap personality to what a guy wants to see, but if you’re trying to catch someone’s eye, this is definitely interesting info to keep in mind.

Show Your Cute Pet

"I LOVE seeing cute dogs. Anytime, anywhere. This one girl sends me snaps of her dog because she knows I love it. She'll make funny voices for it or even put filters on it. It's fun."- Kevin, 19

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Show Off Your Talents

"There's one girl who always posts snaps of her playing the guitar and singing, and seriously I am so attracted to that. I even requested some songs to her. Honestly, I'm not sure if she likes me, but it feels like flirting to me!" -Marc, 17

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Show Your Sense Of Humor

"I don't really care if a girl looks a hundred percent put-together, but I'm always into girls who can be funny on Snapchat. I don't mean that she's making weird faces or screaming, just that she makes some kind of witty observation or says something that makes me laugh." -John, 18

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Have Fun

"It's all about wanting something you can't have (sadly enough). When I see you having the best time with people who aren't me, I start thinking I should hang out with you more or call you up. It makes you look really attractive to me." -Kyle 21

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Send Teasing Snaps

"I had a girl once who would send me snaps of just her toes or her shoulder or something. For some reason, I liked the fact that she didn't put it ALL out there for me to see. I'm like, "I want to see more!" Guess I'm going to have to work for it." -Brad 23

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Send Short Snaps

"When a girl sends me a really short snapchat, I'm like, "Ah! I want more!" It's much better than a ten second selfie." -Matt, 26

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Share Inside Jokes

"I love when girls send me an inside joke. It makes me feel special and that she's thinking about me. All the sudden I'll be laughing, and my friends will be like, "What's so funny?" I can't even show them because it's already gone! I don't know- it feels like we shared something." -Steve, 25

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Look Cute With A Filter

"I don't know what it is, but every girl I know looks cute with dog filter on Snapchat. It fun and flirty without being too in-your-face. That star filter always looked good on girls, too. Maybe I just like filters! Haha." -Michael, 20

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What do you do to flirt with guys on Snapchat? Let us know in the comments below!

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