16 Of The Funniest Tweets About Being Petty AF

On a scale of 1-10, please tell me—how petty are you, really?

I ask this only because I happen to be moderately-to-severely petty, myself. I try not to be, I really do, but the shackles of pettiness, messiness, and living for drama seem to have claimed me once and for all, effectively transforming me into a true messy bitch who lives for drama. One might even say that I am a bonafide member of the petty AF squad (the greatest social club that there is), and for this I blame the Internet.

This is because the Internet is a haven for all those who are overly dramatic. It is here that the smallest of grievances are blown up to massive proportions, and there is no minor scandal that cannot be immediately transformed into a trending hashtag, listicle, and pressing cause. Here, outrage is the only emotion worth feeling, essentially.

Which is what brings me to my original question—how petty are you? If you have ever used the Internet in any capacity—which, if you use context clues, I assume you have at least once—you are probably at least a little bit petty, too. But why fight it? Being petty can be both fun and rewarding, and these tweets prove it. So, check out the best tweets about being petty AF:

1. Your pettiness knows no bounds:


2. And is only exacerbated by hunger, obviously:


3. You would do this, probably:


4. Whenever you try to come clean about your pettiness, your loved ones are like, “Yes, and…?”


5. Because you have already confessed to them that, yes, pettiness is your kink:


6. This is so you (you almost never stop yourself, though):


7. It’s gotten to the point where your friends know what’s going on before you even open your mouth:


8. And they’re like “STOP” and you’re like “I CAN’T:”


9. Joanne the Scammer is your idol, obviously:


10. You are so very inspired by this one video of Mariah Carey correcting her backup singers:


11. And this is your mantra, obviously:


12. You relate, on a spiritual level, to this cartoon cat being petty. Just like you:


13. If someone ever ate your fries, you would write a song about it at the very least:


14. You just can’t let anything go:


15. You accept that this is petty, and you also accept that it is extremely goals:


16. The little moments like this, when you finally get to reveal your true self, is what life is all about:

So, really–are you petty? Which of these tweets was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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  • J Wyatt Lanche

    Uh, 15 isn’t something to really be proud of. It’s an honorary degree that almost always requires NO post secondary education, dissertations, comprehensive exams or residence. “Doctor of Humane Letters degrees should not be confused with earned academic degrees awarded on the basis of research, such as Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Theology, nor earned professional doctorates such as Doctor of Medicine, D.O., Doctor of Dental Surgery, Juris Doctor, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Ministry, etc” So um, she’s an idiot.