11 Cute #RelationshipGoals That You Can Actually Achieve

Relationship goals, I have always thought, are not really something that one should actively go about trying to achieve. It is not in anyone’s best interest to try and become a hashtag, and it is not wise to emulate Jay and Alexis‘ photogenic, though largely unattainable, relationship.But, here’s the thing: if you take away the meaning that the term “relationship goals” has acquired over the last few years–basically, that of a conglomeration of attractive, wealthy, vapid couples–it’s not that bad.

And think of them as the two separate words that make up the term, “relationship” and “goals,” it’s not actually that bad. It is not so absurd to have goals in a relationship, after all. Goals are good. Relationships are good too, for the most part, and (good) goals can only strengthen them. So, what are some good goals? I was just about to tell you! Here are some cute relationship goals that are actually doable: 

 1. Staying in and watching Netflix together:

2. Undergoing a similar beauty regimen:



3. Sending, uh, cute texts to each other:

4. Super cute texts:

5. Extremely cute texts:

6. Taking care of each other when you’re sick:

7. Wearing adorable matching (or, you know, the exact same) clothes:



8. Showing PDA whenever you can:


9. Keeping the relationship as ~spicy~ and ~exciting~ as you can:

10. Making sure to make everyone feel included at all times:

11. And, finally, eating all of the food together:

✔️pizza in Naples #bucketlist

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What do you think of these relationship goals? Which one is your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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