24 Adorable DIY Tassel Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you go to any store in the mall right now, you’re bound to be inundated with fringe everything, from shoes to clothing to handbags to jewelry. Fringe is a huge trend for spring and summer, but it can feel tired pretty quickly. You can get in on the fringe trend in a more unique way by embracing tassels, which are basically just another version of fringe (kind of – in my book, anyway. They have a similar shape!). Tassels look best on accessories, especially jewelry. And sure, you could go out and buy this stuff, but why do that when you could make your own tassel accessories?

Tassels are great for crafting, even for beginners, because they’re super simple to create and can make anything look instantly more boho, fresh, and fun. There’s also something about them that makes them perfect for spring and summer. The below tutorials show some seriously adorable DIY tassel accessories, from unique bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to bags, bedroom decor, and even shoes. Try something different this season!

1. Use bright embroidery floss and a chain to create a super simple tassel and gold bracelet. 



Okay, so these aren’t real tassels, but the frayed ends of these bracelets definitely look like tassels. You can use an old chain bracelet you’re bored of or find a super cheap one at a craft store or Forever 21.


2. Use a strip of colored leather and some crafting supplies to make a leather tassel keychain. 



This cute tassel keychain updates any handbag or clutch, or will just make it easier (and more adorable) to find your keys.


3. Make the cutest tassel earrings. 



These boho earrings are perfect for making a casual outfit look more put together.


4. Update your old heels by adding some DIY tassels. 



Fringe heels are very on trend for spring and summer, but there’s no need to spend money on a pair when you could make your own in under an hour.


5. Mix beads and tassels for the perfect everyday bracelet. 



Truth: I spent about $50 on bracelets from Spain that look just like these. Don’t do that! These are so easy to make and you won’t want to take them off all summer.


6. Make any blanket instantly more fun by adding some bright tassels. 



Bright tassels will make you want to cuddle with a blanket even on the warmest days of summer. This is also great for beach days when it’s a little chilly out.


7. Make capped tassels to hang on your handbags. 



Adding a cap to a tassel is a great way to make it look a little bit more “dressed up” and less casual. This is the perfect addition to a handbag that’s starting to look a little worn.


8. Use lots of little tiny tassels to make a dainty bracelet. 



A small chain link bracelet contrasts perfectly with bright tassels. Mix up your colors or do them all in one shade.


9. Make some tassels, then hang them on a woven basket to update your bedroom decor. 



It sounds weird, but woven baskets are great to have in your room to hold pillows, blankets, or magazines. Buy an inexpensive one, then make it look boho and fun with some cute tassels.


10. Use all different colored string to make ombre necklaces. 



These DIY necklaces are so adorable that you would never be able to tell you made them on your own instead of buying them. Going from dark colors to light ones gives a really cool ombre effect.


11. Use tassels to make some fun wall decor. 



This gives off all of the boho vibes, and I can definitely see it being sold in Free People for, like, $50.


12. Use small tassels to make a plain old pillow look fresh. 



Throw pillows make for great room decor, especially when you craft them yourself. Use lots of colors to make an old pillow look new again.


13. Create woven tassel necklaces that are super versatile. 



Metallic or wooden accents elevate this tassel necklace to be more dressed up than super casual. Pair it with a black summer dress to look mature and put-together.


14. Wrap your floss to make the cutest tassel embellishments ever. 



Take tassel keychains one step further by wrapping the top part in extra floss. These look ridiculously amazing.


15. Spice up boring black heels with strings and tassels. 



Make a pair of old or cheap black shoes look on trend for summer 2016 with a little DIY tassel action. Love the gold accents here!


16. Create a tassel garland for your bedroom. 



This garland is really cute if you’re trying to revamp your bedroom – it’s also an excellent way to decorate a dorm room.


17. Make a simple crossbody bag more boho with some tassels. 



This is so much easier than it looks and is the perfect addition to any crossbody bag – which also happens to be the best bag for summer.


18. DIY your own tassel bookmark. 



Never dog-ear a page again once you make these beautiful tassel bookmarks.


19. Use wooden beads and embroidery floss to create an earthy bracelet. 



This casual bracelet is great for everyday wear, or even if you want to slip it on before going to the beach.


20. Use small gold bar accent to make professional looking bracelets. 



Bright floss and gold touches are a match made in heaven. These necklaces are so versatile and would look amazing with a cute sundress.


21. Use suede to make a tassel bracelet that will last a long time. 



Embroidery floss is amazing to work with, but it won’t last as long as suede will. This bracelet will get you through summer and fall.


22. Make a tassel necklace with delicate gold chain for a classier look. 



Use a small gold chain to create a tassel necklace that’s perfect for the nights you have to get more dressed up.


23. Use tiny beads and small tassels to make a delicate bracelet. 



Make a whole bunch of these and wear them together – they’re great for arm parties.


24. DIY a long tassel necklace for boho flair. 



This long necklace looks great with a sundress, or worn with a simple tank top.


Which of these DIY tassel accessories is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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