14 Gross Things Only True Best Friends Do Together

Your best friend knows everything about you, and that’s probably because they’ve been with you through the good times and the bad. “Regular” friends will laugh at your crazy or weird stories after the fact, but true best friends are the ones who are joining you instead of judging you. Part of being a best friend is doing weird, gross stuff together without giving it a second thought. In fact, one of the main perks of having a best friend is that you can be so relaxed that you don’t have to worry about looking cute, cool, or even socially acceptable.

Acting disgusting around each other is one of the basic tests of BFF-ship: if you guys can do the below things together, then you’re pretty much sisters. Being that super close is about being yourself and being open and vulnerable, even if (especially if) it means talking about things you’d never discuss with anyone else. Everyone needs someone like that in their life, so if you don’t have anyone like that, you better break down your walls and start opening up! There’s an awesome feeling of comfort that comes with being able to talk about bodily functions with someone who isn’t a doctor. So, are you and your bestie the real deal? Here are 14 gross things only true best friends do together – if you can relate, then you’re solid.

1) Share deodorant.

Your friend is smelly? Spent the night and forgot her own deodorant? You got her back, um, armpits. You know.


2) Been there for each other through the vomit.

My friend ate some weird food in high school and promptly vomited all over my bathroom. It’s happened in your house or you’ve been the one to get sick at a friend’s place. Either way, puking is no big deal.


3) Double dipping.

Who cares about germs? They’re basically your family.


4) Peeing in front of each other.

Doing my makeup next to a peeing friend? Happened.


5) Farting in front of each other.

Bless this comfort level threshold, the true test of friendship.


6) Being real about when you have to poop.

You can only tell a true friend that you need to go back to her place to take a shit before you all go out.


7) Touch test if they need to shave their legs or not.

“It’s not noticeable. Nah, you’re good.”


8) Pick at each other’s pimples and blackheads.

You either have a friend who’s dying to pick your skin or you happen to be that friend. I’m pretty sure we all have someone in our friend group who loves squeezing zits and blackheads.


9) Discuss graphic period woes.

You know what everyone’s cycle looks like and you haven’t even seen your friend’s actual period blood. You know who gets bad period shits, who gets massive blood clots, and who uses what products.


10) Get a little TMI when it comes to talking about sex.

Have you ever had that problem keeping a straight face when you see your friend’s boyfriend (or even just someone they’re hooking up with) after they tell you an especially raunchy or detailed sex story? Ooph.


11. Help with down there issues.


Whether you need someone else to look at a strange bump down there or you got something stuck and are in desperate need of help, your bestie is the one you turn to for vag issues… and it doesn’t make your friendship weird. That’s real.


12. Remove each other’s ingrown hairs.


Ingrown hairs can be tough to get out on your own, and while it’s not the most lovely thing in the world, you’ve definitely had your bestie help you get rid of one – and you would return the favor, if you haven’t already.


13. Participate in smell checks.


You know what I’m talking about: she has smelled your armpits to see if you need deodorant, you’ve smelled her body to see if she needs to shower. That kind of thing. Only real BFFs can reach that level.


14. Deal with each other’s period blood.

spencer aria

Whether it’s a stain she accidentally got on something she borrowed from you or a bed leakage situation, you guys have encountered each other’s period blood and lived to tell the tale.


What gross things do you and your best friend do together? What did we forget to include? Share in the comments!

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