The 21 Coolest Pop Art Comic Book Makeup Looks You Ever

If you use Snapchat regularly, then you know that the app recently featured a pop art filter that made everyone’s face look like they were straight out of a comic book. The filter may have been inspired by comics, or just by the fact that people have been doing their makeup in the pop art style for years! One of Snapchat’s pop art filters has even been called out for blatantly copying the work of a talented makeup artist without giving credit. SMH. That sucks, but I also think it’s really cool that Snapchat was featuring such a different beauty look. We get so used to the same old thing (smokey eye, neutral gold shadows, red lipstick, etc.) that sometimes we forget that makeup should be fun, unique, and artsy sometimes.

Pop art by Lichtenstein

Pop art by Lichtenstein

Pop art makeup is inspired by great artists like Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Jasper Johns. However, pop art on a canvas and pop art on a living being a two different things. These pop art-inspired makeup looks might seem easy enough, but they’re anything but. Making a 3D face look 2D is not an easy feat– it takes some serious skills to get the shading, highlights, and dots just right. If you’re going to be trying this look, your probably going to want to do a few test runs before you debut it to the world! I can barely put on mascara without looking like a clown, so I know my chances of doing these are slim to none. Instead, I’ll just look at some really amazing inspiration. These makeup artists are seriously talented. Here are some of the coolest pop art makeup looks around:

1. How to get the Snapchat look.


2. These lips, though. They don’t even look real!


3. Ah! Neither do these!


4. Because why wouldn’t you color in your eyebrows, you know?


5. You might as well match your nails.

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6. This one makes crying look insanely cool.

What my tears look like when people tell me I wear too much makeup

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ · M Y K I E · (@mykie_) on


7. As does this gorgeous example of bleeding color.


8. This creepy poison apple look is great to keep in mind for Halloween:


9. Doesn’t this make you want to paint your face green?

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10. Okay, how is her face real?

A photo posted by ProBeauty (@kira__izuru) on


11. This Ariel look is crazy.

A video posted by Anna Lingis MUA (@annalingis) on


12. Here’s some Batman v Superman.

A photo posted by Aisha Khan (@akhanartistry) on


13. When you’re not afraid to play with color:

A photo posted by Emma (@newbiemakeup) on


14. Even just one color looks cool.

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15. When you literally turn yourself into Wonder Woman:


16. This zombie look is incredible.

A photo posted by Martine (@makeupbymartine) on


17. Did you ever think you would love a shrunken head so much?

A photo posted by corie willet. (@twistinbangs) on


18. There’s so much detail!


19. Just when you thought it couldn’t get cooler…


20. Who says pop art makeup limited to just your face?

A photo posted by Rip (@rip_makeup) on


21. Express all of your emotions with makeup:


Would you ever try this comic book makeup style? Who do you think did it the best? Let me know in the comments below!

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