10 Annoying Text Messages Everyone Needs To Stop Sending Now

Thanks to the ability to send text messages, FaceTime all over the world, and communicate via DM on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, our the way we all speak to each other has changed. We live in a world of instantaneous communication. Gone are the days of snail mail, telegrams, or even waiting for the telephone to ring. Texts, tweets, Snapchats, and more can be sent in a matter of seconds. Our thumbs move faster than our brains and we think in chunks of 140 characters or less. We do everything via text message. We have a group chat with our besties, we flirt via text, we text our mom that we’ll be home 10 minutes past curfew sorry!!!, we can even order pizza via text.

You would think that with all the texting we do on a regular basis, we would be pros. Yet, regardless of the convenience of texting, it still ends up being one of the most difficult forms of communication. You can’t decode someone’s tone of voice, there’s no body language to monitor, and people send extremely frustrating messages that just serve to annoy everyone. Let’s make texting better for everyone and make a pact to stop sending these annoying messages to our friends, families, crushes, and even enemies. Sure, they seem harmless, but they’re actually kind of the worst… and we’re all guilty of sending them. But we can work together to make these go away! Check ’em out, and think twice before sending them again:

Which one of these annoying text messages have you sent? What do you think is the most annoying? Let me know in the comments.


The 8 Most Annoying Texts Guys Send

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