18 Hilarious Vines That Explain How You Act On Snapchat

Snapchat is a lot of fun, but it allows us to be a little too into ourselves – we suddenly think we have to show everyone what we’re doing every second of the day. There’s nothing wrong with taking selfies when you think you look good and feeling super confident in yourself, but do you have to Snapchat your every move, Kylie Jenner style? Not really. We all have our own critiques of Snapchat, but we don’t always know how to get them across to others without sounding kind of rude. Thankfully, there are hilarious people on Vine who make fun of Snapchat for us. These Viners perfectly describe the narcissistic, embarrassing, and weird things we all do on the social media app– all in a six second loop!

I recently joined Snapchat (I know, late to the party), and I find myself laughing at some of the things my friends post on their story. It’s like, “Really? Your Snapchat story is five minutes long? Do you know how many mini videos that translates to? Do you really think I need to watch all of that?!” Other girls just have tons of snaps of themselves in crazy filters without really saying anything, others are taking selfie videos galore, and others are just being really random. *yawn* The app has so many cool features – we should be doing more with it than just showing off our pretty faces! I mean, you do you, but let’s all take a minute to stop taking ourselves so seriously and laugh a bit. Here are 18 hilarious Vine videos that explain how you act on Snapchat. You’ll never take a selfie video the same way again.

1. You do things you think are unique that actually, um, aren’t.


2. You catch yourself in some good lighting and take a video of yourself doing literally nothing.


3. You literally have made all of these faces. DO NOT LIE.


4. You make your life look way more fun than it actually is.


5. Or you do something JUST for the Snap.


6. Sometimes you’re guilty of making your story WAY too long.


7. You tailor your Snaps very carefully depending on who you’re sending them to.


8. You exclaim how much you loved the Snap you just got but then you can’t show anyone you’re with because it disappears.


9. You make sure absolutely no one is watching before you take a stupid picture in public.


10. You forget what you look like in real life while applying the crazy filters. This is what you look like, FYI:


11. You freak out over the filters.


12. You accidentally send a Snapchat to the wrong person.


13. When you take a great selfie, you make sure everyone can see it for as long as possible.


14. You know what guys are up to…


15. You watch celebrities do things like this:


16. You make everything look better on Snapchat.


17. This is the ACTUAL reason you don’t always Snapchat back:


18. You end up wishing real life was like this:


Which one of these vines about Snapchat was the funniest? Let me know in the comments below.

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