8 Of The Worst Things About High School That Still Happen In The Real World

We’re accustomed to seeing high school as a very singular life experience (as in, nothing else will ever be similar to it). There’s plenty of truth to that: Prom, calculus tests, and ditching the pep rally to hang out under the bleachers aren’t things that you’re going to encounter when you’re an adult. But if you thought that getting out of high school meant leaving behind the mean girls, cliques, and popularity contests, I have some sad news for you: It ain’t happening.

I’ve had plenty of moments out here in the real world that make me feel like I never really graduated. I’ve been left straight up shocked at the fact that some high school dynamics never really go away. I’m not sure why anyone is out there acting like these things don’t happen, but it’s definitely not doing anyone any favors. If you want your reality check a little earlier than scheduled, check out eight of the worst things about high school that still happen in the real world.

'Mean Girls'

You're in for a rude awakening if you think that the Mean Girl™ dynamic goes away when you graduate. Nope! Sure, plenty of mean girls chill out as they get older! I'm pretty friendly now with some girls from high school who were absolute monsters. But plenty of mean girls, er, don't seem to grow out of it. In some cases, once a mean girl, always a mean girl, and then they might even end up raising a mean girl of their own. The cycle never ends!

Romy And Michele's High School Reunion


You've been used to cliques ever since you were in elementary school, right? Well, guess what? They're not going away anytime soon. Hell, when you move into your college dorm, you might see people clique off by the end of the first day! Cliques exist in the workplace, too, and they can feel just like a ninth grade flashback. Yikes. Sometimes we realize that we're pretty cliquey ourselves, so it's important to be self-aware and figure out if you're being overly exclusive and cutting yourself off from making some new friends or acquaintances.

The Craft

Popularity Contests

Popularity contests aren't just for voting on prom queen or class president. Nope, they thrive for the rest of time, even when you're a summer intern or a grown ass adult working an office job. People who are really well liked just end up getting more life perks. It's true when you're 16 and it's true when you're 46. That's just the way it goes.


Immature Dudes

If you're under the delusion that beyond high school is a world full of mature men, I'm about to break your heart. There are so many grown men out there who have barely matured, despite going to college, despite having a nine to five job. It's...seriously disappointing, but it's the damn truth. Do not wander into the real world under the assumption that you'll suddenly be surrounded by decent dudes; many of them are still garbage man children.


People Who Are Just Out To Get You

You know that one teacher who you swear went out of your way to make your life a living hell? Well, you're going to continue to encounter plenty more of your own personal Snapes IRL, too. Maybe it's the RA of your dorm, or your boss at work, or your sketchy landlord. There are always going to be crappy people who excel at making your day garbage; do whatever you can to avoid them.

Office Space

Parents Who Worry Way Too Much

Mom isn't going to stop texting you, wondering where you are or what you're doing just because you're 18-years-old or moved out. Nope, they'll still be around to pester you and chide you on staying out too late or walking back to your dorm late at night by yourself. This can be annoying, but know that they really are doing it out of love and you're always going to be their lil' baby. At least somebody out there cares about you, dude!

My Mad Fat Diary

'Grade Reports'

Okay, sure, you'll still have these in college, but when you're out and about with a job and stuff, you'll also receive some form of this. How? Oh, a little something called performance reviews, which could determine anything from how much money you get to whether or not you'll still have a job the next day. Look at it like participation grades, just way more important. You're always getting graded, it's just in a new system.

Freaks And Geeks

People Who Are Competitive AF About EVERYTHING

High school and college are some of the most competitive environments you'll be in. But it doesn't end there, which is a bummer for those of you who really can't stand being around people who always see you as their competition. Maybe it's that co-worker who keeps trying to find out how much money you make, or that roommate you found on Craigslist who really loves bragging about how many Tinder dates she has racked up. Either way, they're out there, and they'll always be out there. You never truly get away from that dude in P.E. who turned every game of dodgeball into the damn Olympics. Try not to let all them get you to riled up.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

What do you wish could just stay in high school and not make its way into the real world? What high school dynamics do you think are good to deal with throughout adulthood? Tell us in the comments!

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