7 Of The Most Annoying Movie Love Triangles

Before I started dating, I thought that love triangles were a rare phenomenon largely over-exaggerated by TV shows and movies. But, after being in one temporarily, I’m now convinced that they’re more likely than I thought. Nevertheless, I stand firm in believing that love triangles are one the media’s most overdone themes, period. TV shows and books are probably the worst perpetrators of this melodramatic BS, dragging out these matters of the heart far longer than warranted. Admit it, we all read those damn Twilight books and had an opinion on whether or not Bella should have been with Edward or Jacob.

But movies are also guilty of subjecting us to love triangle nonsense for 90 minutes of torture. There are lots of movies out there with juicy love triangles that are fun to watch unfold, but there are some that just feel…tired and predictable. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, here are seven of the most annoying movie love triangles. You might love some of them, you might hate some of them, but we should all agree that these love triangles were doing the most.

Peta/Katniss/Gale In 'The Hunger Games'

I'm going to be honest and say that I'm not particularly nuts about either pairing in this mess of a love triangle. So many people focused on the love story element of The Hunger Games when the dystopian political theme of the story was a lot more interesting and a lot more important. Yet, I'm supposed to get all gooey over Katniss and Peta oogling each other? Please. The best parts of this franchise were the parts that weren't focusing so heavily on the romantic tension.

Edward/Bella/Jacob in 'Twilight'

Do I...Do I even need to write very much about why this love triangle was soul suckingly terrible? Is it the fact that we're supposed to choose whether or not this bland af leading lady should end up with a creepy stalker or an entitled hothead? How about a vote for Bella having time to figure her s**t out and become a more well rounded person before embroiling herself in some vampire war? Sounds good.

Jack/Elizabeth/Will In 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'

Oh man, when these movies were coming out shippers were rabid about Jack/Elizabeth versus Elizabeth/Will. This wasn't the worst love triangle of movie history, but it quickly felt really hokey. If it was meant to be taken seriously, the filmmakers did a pretty bad job at that. Honestly, who you wanted Elizabeth to be with came down to whether or not Johnny Depp in eyeliner or Orlando Bloom in period guard made you hot and bothered.

Elle/Warner/Vivian In 'Legally Blonde'

This love triangle was pretty short lived, thanks to Elle realizing that Warner was not worth winning back. But after watching this movie more recently, it kind of sucks that this love triangle pitted two intelligent women (Elle and Vivian) against each other in some really dirty ways. And for what? Warner? Boy bye.

Duckie/Andie/Blane in 'Pretty In Pink'

Who will Andie pick? Duckie, her entitled Nice Guy™ pal who is in love with her? Or her Blaine, a rich and popular dude who is well meaning but spineless. Initially, Andie was meant to end up with Duckie, but test audiences weren't into it and she ended up with Blaine in the final production of the film. Honestly, as great as this movie is, the love triangle mostly makes us unnecessarily sympathetic of Duckie even when he treated her with a total lack of disrespect. But Blaine ended up being hard to root for too. Solution? This should have just ended with Andie on her own.

Kathryn/Sebastian/Annette In 'Cruel Intentions'

It's perhaps a push to call this a love triangle because a more accurate description would be a manipulative pile of garbage. Either way, Kathryn and Sebastian (ex-step-siblings) agreeing to a bet that depended on whether or not Sebastian could have sex with the ultra virginal Annette is next level in weird love triangles...especially since part of that bet would require Kathryn to have sex with Sebastian. Yeah, the two ex-step-siblings. I know this isn't technically incest but blech, no thanks.

Troy/Lelaine/Michael In 'Reality Bites'

So, we have Lelaine, a wannabe filmmaker who is a little financially spoiled by her parents but has a good head on her shoulders. Then we have Troy, a creative slacker who is a bit of an ahole, and Michael, who is a fancy businessman and is, at worst, a little dull. So, who does Lelaine pick? WOW, SUCH A MYSTERY! Except...it's not, because Michael is set up to be the one we don't want her to end up with. Instead, we're supposed to want her to end up with the douchebag she has a rocky relationship with. Guess who she ends up with. Like, I get it, a bit of banter and sexual tension between two characters can be really fun to watch...except for when it's mostly painful. This is a case of it being really painful.

What other movies have annoying love triangles? Which are you actually big fans of? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ash Rose

    I like the Hunger Games love triangle just as much as the political stuff, because, to begin with, Katniss and Peeta’s romance is totally manufactured, which adds another dimension to the story.