14 Harsh Realities Of Life No One Wants To Admit That We All Need To Accept

Life is tough, unfair, and can be downright depressing. You already know that, probably, because most people can’t stop complaining about how hard life is, especially as you get older. While it’s a completely justified statement, it’s also true that life could be easier for some people if they just accepted the harsh realities that no one wants to admit about being a human being in the world today. Do these truths hurt? Yes. Are they fair? Most of them aren’t. Are they sad? Yeah, they’re kind of a bummer. But if you accept them and learn how to live with them, you’ll find that it’s much easier for you to get through most things that will happen to you.

As with so many other cruel truths and tough statements, these were found in an Ask Reddit thread. This thread, specifically, was about the suckier side of life that a lot of us choose to ignore. Do we want to admit that cheating happens often and marriages fail more than they succeed? No. Do we want to talk about the horrible things going on in other parts of the world? Nah. But we should think about and talk about these things, because in the long run, they’re part of our life. Before I go off on a crazy tangent, let’s focus: here are 14 harsh realities of life that no one wants to admit, but that we all need to accept:

Being Smart Is Not Enough To Get What You Want

academiclady: Being smart (or, more likely, thinking you are smart) is not enough to succeed at much of anything in life. It may be necessary in most cases, but it is rarely sufficient.

Being smart is important, but personality is sometimes more important. The person who knows how to sell themselves and who knows how to act the way someone wants them to will usually get what they want over someone super smart without that personality. It's annoying and frustrating, but also important to realize.

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You Aren't Entitled To Anything

VampieOreo: You are not entitled to anything. Put your life into perspective, not just in the scale of geological time, but in comparison to all the human lives that have ever been lived. You can be wiped out and it isn't an injustice. You aren't special. Your death won't be remembered. Life isn't SUPPOSED to be consistently happy. Depression isn't something you "fix," because it's not broken. It's a natural part of human existence. Once you let go of the idea you are owed anything by the world--your rights, your happiness, your life--you can really start to appreciate everything you've got for the short time you've got it. You've got less than a century on this planet and most of it will be a struggle, but in this era you've still got a better life than even Kings and Queens of history. Stop complaining, stop making excuses, stop blaming others. Enjoy every second of what you've got, even the shitty parts.

Ugh everything about this is true. I meet so many people who think they're entitled to jobs or love or friendship for no real reason at all - it's so frustrating! Work for what you want and stop expecting it to be handed to you.

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Sometimes You Try Your Hardest And Still Don't Get What You Want

pistachiomuffin: There are going to be times when you've tried your absolute best at something, done everything in your power to try and make it work, but it still doesn't end up the way you want it to. This isn't a reflection of your failure as a person, sometimes this is just life.

Some things just aren't meant to be! Sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you work - you just can't have the thing or the person you want. This doesn't mean you should stop trying at everything, because this doesn't apply for everything. But it's important to accept that we will fail at times, and that's okay.

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Being Motivated Is Almost Never Easy

rabboni: You are never going to feel like it so just stop stalling and do it.

You'll have bursts of moments where you feel super motivated and dedicated, but unfortunately, that's the norm. You're not going to want to do most of the things you have to do - you just have to force yourself.

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You'll Lose Everyone You Love

MasterSapp: You WILL lose everything you love. Whether it goes first or you do, nothing is forever. So stop taking and posing for so many damn pictures that ruin the moment, and just enjoy who you're with and where you're at.

It's horrible to think about and so sad to consider, but it's true - so just enjoy yourself. All the time! Not just sometimes.

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No One Has To Agree With You

Snowfiddler: You are entitled to your opinion. You aren't entitled for people to respect your opinion.

You're allowed to think whatever you want! But you should probably stop getting furious with others for not agreeing with you. Just like you're allowed to have your opinion, they're allowed to have theirs - and even if you fundamentally disagree with what they're saying, they can still think it.

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You'll Never Be Totall Happy All The Time

WinoWhino: You're never going to be completely happy. You can be happy for a day, maybe even a month if you're lucky but no one is ever satisfied and happy in life. You'll always need more of something, whether it's more money, more friends, more square footage, more free time, or more sex. Accepting that you'll at best be mostly content is the key to less stress.

Sadness is a part of life! You shouldn't be sad every single day, but it will happen. Sometimes you'll spend a few days feeling sad, lonely, maybe a little depressed. That's normal and that's okay. There might be one thing that always makes you sad no matter what - that's okay too.

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Most People Don't Want To Know Why You're Sad

BraveLilToaster42: Most people, including your friends, don't want to know what's really wrong, especially if it's serious. It's easy to be around someone when they're fun but when things get serious, a lot of people will bail. Anyone who doesn't bail when things aren't 'fun' are the people worth keeping beyond a polite social acquaintance.

So true! A lot of people will listen to why you're upset, but then they'll forget about it or act like they don't care. Or they won't say anything at all. This is how to weed out bad friends.

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Every Couple Has Weird Problems

Swichts: Every relationship has problems. It's your ability to deal with them in a healthy manner that makes it easier.

Every couple out there has some sort of weird or big problem that they have learned to get over and deal with. If you can do that, you're a strong couple. If you can't, it's an indication that maybe you guys weren't meant to be.

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Other People Don't REALLY Care About What You're Doing

clear_mymind: People mostly don't give a shit about you and your issues, so don't bother hiding or being embarrassed or afraid to be judged. Just live for yourself.

Sure, some people will talk about you or make comments about you behind your back. Some people might make fun of you or give you grief about something you're doing. But at the end of the day, they don't really care - they're more focused on themselves. Their conversation about you is just a blip in time, and it means nothing in the long run.

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You Alone Can't Change Someone

Ratman_84: You can't change people's minds. You can only help once they've decided to change their own. Knowing this will save you from a lot of frustration.

People have to want to change something on their own. You can't force them to want to make that change, no matter what you do or say. Realize this, and you'll cut down on a lot of hard work.

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You'll Never Be Liked By Everyone

BreakerUK: You don't have to be liked by everyone.

No matter how nice or wonderful you are, you'll never be liked by everyone out there. Sure, some people are more well-liked than others, but we all have someone who dislikes us. There's usually nothing you can do about that. You just have to accept it and move on! Wasting your time trying to get people to like you isn't enjoyable - it's better to just learn how to be okay with someone not thinking you're the best.

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You Have To Stop Blaming Other People

FatPaunch: I know a few people who need to hear this repeatedly: Generally speaking, at least in adulthood, it's not the world that is against you. The decisions you make and the way you react determines how things will go. Stop being so angry at everything and everyone and push your life in the direction you want it to go.

Your decisions affect how you feel and what you do. Stop blaming everyone for everything. Most of the time, there is something you can do differently that will fix the situation, you just don't want to do it.

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People Will Talk About You

UWcontroll: People are gonna talk shit. Once you accept that and learn to not care, life becomes so much better.

Gossip is part of life, but it doesn't last. Just brush it off, ignore it, and move on. It's not worth your time.

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Which of these harsh realities do you disagree with? What have you learned? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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