What Do You Do If The Condom Gets Stuck Inside Of You?

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Help!! My boyfriend and I were having sex and we used a condom. We thought everything was fine, but after he finished and pulled out, we realized the condom was gone… it’s stuck inside of me. I’m on the Pill but I’m totally freaked out and not sure how to get it out or what to do. What do you do if a condom gets stuck inside of you?

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Although condoms are a preferred method of birth control (since they protect against pregnancy and most STDs), this doesn’t mean they don’t have their downsides. One of those major downsides is that they can end up coming off a penis and getting stuck in your vag. This is troublesome for two obvious reasons: one, if there’s semen in there, it’s now inside of you, which is exactly where you didn’t it want it to be; and two, it’s hard to get it out. So, what do you do if a condom gets stuck inside of you?

Before you freak out and have a panic attack, let’s talk. I reached out to my friend Dr. Sherry Ross from the site HelloFlo for some advice. First, take a deep breath and relax – this is relatively normal. Dr. Ross said, “It probably won’t surprise you that approximately 30 percent of condoms break or slip off the penis into the vagina.” Uh, okay, cool, but what do you do? Dr. Ross continued, “Sometimes when condoms end up in the vagina, they can be easily reached, while others need a Cirque du Soleil maneuver. I recommend having your partner try to fish it out.”

How can bae do that? She says, “First, your partner should wash his hands with soap and warm water. Then, using his index and middle fingers, he should reach into the back of vagina and sweep his finger from side to side. During his search he will bump into the cervix, which feels like a quarter size hard area. Often a lost condom ends up posterior or anterior to the cervix. He should find success with this method.” To make things easier for both of you, sit with your legs spread wide or get in a similar position you get in when at the gynecologist. You can also have him use a little lube on his fingers to make things feel more comfortable.

If the idea of having a dude reach into your vagina while searching for a lost condom makes you want to crawl under your bed and never leave, you have another option: you can do it yourself. This is considerably more difficult, and honestly, you shouldn’t feel stressed about a guy getting down there like that, but it’s your choice! Dr. Ross says, “If you want to remove the condom, you need to first wash your hands with soap and warm water before getting into a strategic position. Doing this in the bathroom is probably your best bet. Put one foot on the toilet seat and then use your index and middle fingers to reach into the back of the vagina as far back as you can go sweeping your fingers side to side. While your fingers are searching for the condom bear down like you are trying to have a bowel movement.” Fun!

Finally, if you try both of or one of these methods and still can’t find the condom, you’ll have to make an emergency appointment with your gynecologist. You don’t want to leave the condom in there for a long time as it can cause irritation or an infection – and in general, it’s not okay to leave foreign objects in your vag. So, if it’s a weekend and your gyno isn’t around, you’ll have to go to an emergency care center. That’s why it might be easier for you to try to get to it on your own – don’t worry, it can’t get lost there!

And about the fact that sperm is in your vag? Dr. Ross says, “It’s a good thing you are taking the birth control pill. If you hadn’t been on the pill, I would have recommended you take emergency contraception (Plan B).” So, if you’re reading this and a condom got stuck inside of you and you’re not on an alternate form of birth control, you should get Plan B ASAP. This ensures your safety against getting pregnant. And since the penis was inside of you without a condom at some point, you might want to get tested or talk to your partner about it just to be safe.

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