8 Tips On What To Do If His Penis Doesn’t Fit Inside You

Sex with a dude is all good and fun… until you stumble upon a situation where the guy’s penis doesn’t fit in your vag. The problem sounds laughable, until it happens to you and it just becomes really, really frustrating. There are two reasons why this can occur. One: you’re a virgin, you’ve never really had anything down there, and you’re feeling a little bit nervous. Two: the guy you’re hooking up with has a very large penis, and trying to get it in is uncomfortable, to say the least. Or hey, maybe it’s a combination of the two! Lucky you?

In all seriousness, it sucks to want to have sex, and then feel like you can’t because of logistical reasons. It’s easy to get so self-conscious about it that you start blaming yourself – is there something wrong with my vagina? – and then feel inadequate. It often turns into a vicious cycle of trying, getting frustrated, and then dealing with the fact that that frustration makes it even harder to get it to fit.

So how can you get his penis to fit without, you know, ripping your vagina in half (JK that can’t happen)? Read on for some tips on what to do if his penis won’t fit… and remember: practice makes perfect.

Have you ever had this problem where his penis wouldn’t fit? What did we forget to include? Share in the comments!

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  • Julia Iourgova

    “Doesn’t fit” isn’t limited to a penis being too big or me too dry/tight/nervous to permit entry, and the title of this article doesn’t match the body of the story. You might say that this title doesn’t fit this story. A penis that’s too small also doesn’t fit. The Kama Sutra calls that mismatch situation “lowest union,” and it’s a much more severe problem.