11 #RelationshipGoals Couples Who Might Actually Hate Each Other

Here is my unsolicited hope for you: May you achieve all of your dreams, lead a fruitful life, and, most of all, never find yourself as one part of one of those #RelationshipGoals couples who actually hate one another. You definitely know what I’m talking about here, since you can find one in every friend group. They’re the couple that’s always bickering and picking fights with the other, pausing only to  plaster a smile on their face so they can take a picture together. Everyone else thinks they’re *so cute* but only those closest to them know the truth: they are crazy. This is problematic only because, when two people are dating, the operative assumption, in most cases, is that they mostly like one another.

This does not always have to be the case, of course. In fact, there’s a certain Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton power couple-esque glamour to be found in couples whose loathing and loving coincide, probably. But being in one? It’s not all that fun. So, as a means of warning, check out these couples from around the web who, as far as I can tell, actually kind of hate each other:

1. Something tells me that this guy isn’t totally “into it” anymore. Is it the cell phone? His deadened gaze while his hand caresses her butt? You tell me!


2. Here we see a clear, desperate grab for power:


3. I am working on a theory that Jay (of the famous Jay and Alexis pairing) is merely tolerating Alexis. Thoughts?


4. I mean:

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5. When you just can’t muster up the energy to sext anymore>>>>



6. When bae’s tender kisses give you a migraine >>>

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7. When you require The Bear to be around you at all times and act as your relationship mediator >>>>>

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8. Queen–whoever that may be–curved this mystery number so, so hard:



9. “Get out of my kitchen,” he said. “No,” she responded. “You’ll have to carry me out first.” So that is what he did:


10. Sharing bathwater? Not an option for this couple:


11. Welp:

What do you think of these couples? Do you think they actually like each other IRL? Let us know in the comments!

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