18 DIY Cell Phone Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

Owning a cell phone means you need to also own cell phone accessories that keep your delicate little tech baby safe and protected. The first things that come to mind are probably study cases that make it impossible for your phone to shatter out of nowhere and portable chargers that actually work on-the-go. Those accessories are definitely great, helpful, and totally necessary, but there are other things you need too that you probably didn’t even know about – charging holders, stations, and desk docks to name a few. I mean, why sit your precious phone on it’s back on a desk or table when you could keep it upright where it’s easier to see, right?

There are a lot of cell phone docks and stations out there you can buy – and many of them are expensive. Someone just sent me a gorgeous cell phone charging dock that cost over $120! That’s a little crazy to me. If you want to keep your phone protected but also make sure it looks good at the same time, you should try some DIY projects. The below tutorials are easy enough that even beginners can do them well, and they’re also fun to play around with. The next time you’re feeling bored, grab some craft supplies and start creating with these 18 DIY cell phone accessories. Trust me – your life will be a lot more organized with these.

1. Upcycle an old lotion bottle to make a sturdy cell phone holder for when your phone is charging. 



This is super helpful for outlets that don’t have tables near them so your phone doesn’t have to go on the floor.


2. Use a box and a power strip to create a charging station. 



This is ideal for moments when a bunch of people need to charge their phones or for multiple electronic devices.


3. Get crafty with an old sock to make a cell phone arm band. 



Working out while holding your phone is a recipe for disaster. This DIY arm band is great for running outside or on a machine and keeping your phone close by.


4. Make a softer cell phone charger holder that hangs on anything. 



This cloth version is much easier to carry on-the-go no matter where you’re going.


5. Create a phone case with a keychain on it. 



Clip this to your keys so that you never lose them again – because we know you’ll never let your phone out of site. If you don’t have keys, this is also good to clip onto something inside of a handbag so your phone is easily reachable.


6. This cell phone stand hack is great for the office. 



All you need are three binder clips and a rubber band to create a cell phone stand in a pinch.


7. Decorate an old book for the prettiest cell phone charging station ever. 



This will look good in your bedroom and it keeps your phone safe while it’s charging.


8. Keep your phone safe in these adorable ice cream cases. 



What could be more perfect for summer than a cloth cell phone case that looks like ice cream? The little tabs on these keep your phone in place and are a great place to put your keys.


9. Use an old shoebox to make a charging station that will keep your cords organized. 



A charging station like this one keeps annoying cords out of site, and also prevents them from getting too tangled.


10. Get creative with a photo frame and turn it into a phone and tablet holder. 



This is especially great as a gift for mom or dad so that they can read recipes easily from their tablets in the kitchen.


11. Make this super simple cell phone stand for your desk. 



This cell phone stand is really easy to put together and keeps your phone in site without taking up too much space.


12. Not into cloth cases? This leather and lace one is boho and so cute. 



Why carry a hard case that’s uncomfortable when you could have something like this?


13. You can also make a pretty pouch that can hold your phone or other small accessories. 



Make yours a little bit bigger so that you can stick earbuds in there as well.


14. Make a cell phone wallet to keep all of your valuables in one place. 



Who needs to spend money on a designer wallet when you could make one this useful?!


15. Put together a little shelf so that your phone is safe in the bathroom. 



Finally, a bathroom decoration that’s actually useful!


16. If you love to run, make this little belt that will keep your cell phone safe. 



I have one of these (that I didn’t make) and it’s amazing and so helpful. Highly recommend.


17. If you have old cassette tapes laying around, decorate it and use it as a phone stand. 



Retro AND cute AND functional. Perfect.


18. Use wood to create a sturdy stand. 



Want something more rustic? Go for this little craft.


Which one of these cell phone tutorials is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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