10 Surprising Underwear Mistakes You Make That Mess With Your Vagina

Underwear is such a regular part of our lives that most of us don’t even give it a second thought. The process of putting it on in the morning goes something like this: find clean underwear, put it on, get changed, go. The truth is, though, that underwear takes a little bit more maintenance than you think, and since it’s easy to forget that, most women out there make these really common underwear mistakes. While they might not seem like a very big deal, they can actually lead to annoying vaginal infections or irritation, and we all know we want to avoid that feeling at all costs.

Aside from the regularity of our routine that allows us to make these mistakes, they also come from underwear myths out there. You’ve probably read articles or studies before that say going commando is the best thing you can do – and then, a few weeks later, you read about how it’s actually not a great idea. Which is it?! If you want to keep your vagina happy and healthy, then you need to be aware of the wrong things you might be doing when it comes to your undies. Here are 10 surprising underwear mistakes that you messing with your vag: 

You Wear White Underwear

If you're still buying white underwear, stop now. Okay, there's really no need to be dramatic, but seriously - there are few great things about white underwear. For one, it obviously stains easily, so why stress over getting period blood on it? But the other thing is that a lot of girls buy white underwear to wear it under white clothing so people don't see it - and that's incorrect. If you don't want anyone to see your underwear through light clothing, your best bet is a pair of nude underwear that matches your skin tone.

You Wear Thongs For Too Long

Thongs might be good for achieving the look of no panty lines, but they're not good for, uh, anything else. Because the thin material goes into your butt crack, it easily transfers bacteria and all that good stuff from your butt to your vag, which leads to infections and irritations. You don't need to stay away from them forever, but try not to wear them for more than a few hours at a time - and never wear them overnight.

You're Not Replacing Your Underwear Often Enough

How often do you throw out your old underwear and replace with new pairs? You shouldn't keep underwear for more than a year, especially if you wear a certain pair at least once a week. Even if you wash them after every use, underwear gets thin and old easily. If you notice stains that won't go away, rips, tears, or anything else, just get rid of 'em. Some people keep underwear for years and years, but they do have an expiration date!

You're Wearing Underwear To Bed Every Night

Doctors have said that wearing underwear to bed every night isn't good for you. Your vagina needs to breathe, and the best time for it to air out is overnight while you're sleeping. Wearing underwear all day, then all night can cause infections and irritation down there. Go commando while sleeping!

You Go Commando A Lot

At the same time, though, it's important to note that going commando too often can be a bad thing. It's okay to skip underwear during the day once in a while, but don't make it a habit. Not wearing underwear while wearing tight pants can lead to uncomfortable chafing that can lead to irritation, ingrown hairs, or infections. Not wearing underwear if you have a skirt or dress on during a hot day means there's no protection there, which means your vag can actually get sweatier, and that's not good either.

You Put Your Underwear In The Dryer

Underwear is delicate - yes, even your boring cotton pairs. They should ideally be washed in a sink (especially silk or lace pairs), but it's not the end of the world if they go in the washing machine. You should avoid the dryer, though - the high heat can ruin your favorite pair easily. Instead, try hanging them to dry. It might take more time, but it saves them in the long run.

You Forget To Change After Working Out

It happens to all of us: we hit the gym or play a sport, then wait a few hours to shower or change. It's okay once in a while, but regularly forgetting to change your underwear after working out is bad for you. Sweat collects down there, then hangs out in your underwear. This moist environment is ideal for yeast to grow, causing an annoying yeast infection or some sort of bacterial infection. It also smells. Once you're done working out, at least change into a clean pair of underwear if you can't shower right away.

You Never Wear Cotton Underwear

Wearing silk or lace underwear is fun and sexy, but ultimately, it's not good for your vagina. The best material you can go for is cotton, which lets your vag breathe, unlike silk or satin or lace. And yes, even lace underwear with a cotton strip is bad. Stock up on cotton underwear to wear most of the time, and save your fun pairs for sexy times.

You Use The Wrong Detergent

If you get a lot of vaginal infections or experience annoying symptoms down there, the reason might be how you wash your underwear. Regular detergent includes harsh chemicals that can hurt your vag and lead to infections. Try using something hypoallergenic, which is better for sensitive areas.

You're Wearing Tight Undies

When buying underwear, don't pay attention to the size - pay attention to the fit. Not only do tight pairs look bad, they also lead to sweat and chafing that can easily cause infections. And they're uncomfortable! It's not worth it.

Do you ever make these underwear mistakes? What did I forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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