18 Infographics That Will Teach You How To Write An A+ Research Paper Or Essay

As an editor of the high school newspaper, the editor-in-chief of the high school literary magazine, and a college journalism major, I have clearly always been someone who doesn’t mind writing a research paper or an essay. In fact, I welcomed these assignments when I was still in school. I would pick a 10-page essay over a math test literally any day of the week. I’m a fast writer and I managed to get good grades on my papers even when I admittedly didn’t try very hard. My crowning glory moment was when I left a 25-page research paper for an AP History class to get done the night before it was due, giving myself a few hours to write perfection – and got an A+. Thank you, thank you. But as much as I love writing, I realize that most people don’t, especially when it comes to school writing. And so, I created this list of tips on how to write an A+ essay. 

Yes, research papers or long essays can be daunting, annoying, and nervous-break-down-inducing. They take a lot of time and require so many skills: grammar, spelling, basic creative skills, etc. It’s a lot! I get it. But there are ways to make long papers less intimidating and overwhelming, and they are all below. You can get through this assignment and come out of it with an impressive grade, I promise. Even if you don’t have a final paper waiting for you before the school year finishes up, you’ll definitely have these assignments in college (professors love a good research paper), so you’ll need to keep these tips in mind. Here are 18 infographics that will teach you how to write an amazing research paper or essay. Good luck!

1. Always start by making an outline, which is especially helpful if you have no clue what to write OR you have a lot of things to write and you don’t know where to start. Once you create the outline, it’s about filling it in and that makes things more manageable. 




2. Depending on what you’re writing, it should be formal or informal – most of the time when it’s for school, it’s formal. This means you have to write in a different way than writing for a blog or something. Keep these tips in mind: 




3. Sometimes teachers are super strict about grammar – if that’s the case, keep these common fails in mind so they don’t happen to you: 




4. There are some really awesome tips in here on how to write a great essay: 




5. Back to grammar. Know the most commonly confused adjectives and understand the differences between them. 




6. Remember the basics:




7. Keep this chart handy to keep your grammar on point.  




8. Here’s a good tip on editing:




9. When editing for grammatical mistakes, use this checklist to make sure everything is basically perfect.




10. Repeating the same words over and over again gets boring and won’t get you a good grade. Here are some synonyms for common words:




11. This cute little chart explains the exact structure your essay should follow:




12. And here’s more of a description on the process you should be involved in. It’s not just about sitting down, writing, then handing in. 




13. Ready to read over your first draft? Use this checklist so you cover everything:




14. Let’s break it down further if you really don’t know what you’re doing. Here’s how to write a paragraph:




15. Look at this unexpected tips for an extra boost of motivation and creativity: 




16. Arguably the most important part of any piece of writing is the beginning. Here’s how to make yours intriguing, even when the subject is boring:




17. If you’re writing something in an effort to prove a point, use this chart for tips: 




18.  And finally, here are the seven biggest insecurities about writing a paper, and why you don’t need to be scared of them: 



Which of these tips did you find the most helpful? What are your personal essay writing tricks? Share with us in the comments!

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