13 Superficial Guilty Pleasures We All Secretly Have

We all have certain guilty pleasures in life that we never want to admit to. Sometimes these guilty pleasures are something kind of gross (like popping a pimple) and sometimes they’re a little embarrassing (like smelling your armpits instead of putting on deodorant). Other times, they’re a little too superficial to ever actually tell anyone about. Sort of like these guilty pleasures listed below… you can deny them all you want, but I know you’ve all done at least one of these things!

Indulging in guilty pleasures is a guilty pleasure in and of itself. Why yes, you can eat that entire jar of Nutella by yourself! Of course you can totally Photoshop your face so that you can see what you look like with no pores. We’ve all been there! It’s a part of life to take joy in things that you probably shouldn’t care about… or at least that you know you shouldn’t care about in order to be a “good” person. Here are 13 superficial guilty pleasures we all secretly have:

1. Stalking your own Instagram. 


What? You want to see how other people view you.


2. Looking better than your frenemy

hair flip

Look, you’re not wishing ill will on her. You don’t want her to trip and fall in the hallway, or fall out of her chair in class, or rip her pants in gym class…but if you happen to look way fresher than her, you’re definitely going to enjoy it.


3. Taking 800 selfies before deciding on the one selfie you want to post. 


Vain? You? Never!


4. Picking at split ends instead of listening to someone talk. 

pulling hair

Hair is dead anyway, so this is fine, right? Truth is, hair damage is actually very real, and picking apart your split ends is not actually making them *not* split. But seeing how far the two pieces of hair will separate is pretty darn fun.


5. Making your Snapchat video selfies and then deleting them before too many people can view them. 


If Kylie Jenner can do it every single day, then it’s acceptable for the rest of us… right? Right?!


6. Liking someone’s Instagram picture just so they’ll like yours. 


WHAT?! You’re still doing a good thing!


7. Storing your favorite old selfies for days you want to post a picture but don’t like how you look. 


Hey, we all have our days where we look extra good and want to savor it.


8. Liking your own photo so that you can hit that 11th Instagram like. 

pizza instagram likes

Sure, life isn’t a popularity contest. But when your Instagram flips over from showing user’s names to displaying the double digit number, you feel pretty darn cool.


9. Posting a group photo where you look great even when you know everyone else looks bad. 




 10. Being complimented on something purely physical. 


You obviously love getting comments on how smart and funny you are too, but sometimes it’s nice to hear that your hair looks amazing.


11. Getting a surprise gift from a significant other. 


Of course your relationship isn’t all about presents, but sometimes it’s nice to get something for no reason at all.


12. Winning something that is essentially a popularity contest.


Being popular isn’t your priority… but damn, it feels good to be liked.


13. Being right when someone said you were wrong. About anything, ever.

brush shoulder off kelly rowland

Go on, brush that shoulder off.

Which of these superficial guilty pleasures do you have? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.


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