18 Half-Up/Half-Down Hairstyle Tutorials Perfect For Prom

By now, we’re all well aware that the half-up half-down hairstyle is very much A Thing in the beauty world. It started with messy half top knots that were perfect for lazy days when we still wanted to look cute, but has expanded to even be perfect for fancy occasions. If you’re looking for the perfect prom hairstyle, look no further. These half-up half-down tutorials are simple, beautiful, and ready to make a statement.

Half-up hairstyles usually have a very ~boho~ feel about them, which can make them pretty casual, but maybe that’s what you want for prom! And if you’re looking for something a little bit more glam, a lot of these can work for that too – this versatility is part of what’s great about these half-up hairstyles. A few small tweaks can make them appropriate for a big night out, and they’re trendy without being super in-your-face obnoxiously trendy. Plus, they’re simple enough for you to do them on your own. You can obviously bring the tutorial or image to a hair salon too if that’s what you’re more comfortable with! Here are 18 half-up half-down hairstyle tutorials you need to check out, because they just might complete your prom look. This should go without saying, but these are great for times other than prom too!

1. If you’re looking for something with a boho vibe that’s pretty but also not super complicated, this half braided style is perfect. It’s simple and can be done on any hair type or length. 




2. If braids aren’t really your thing, this simple twisted back style is a great option. It’s really easy to accomplish and is elegant without being over-the-top. 




3. Want to stick with the original half-up sensation? Instead of a half top knot, which can look a little bit too casual with a fancy dress, try a half bun that’s a little lower. 




4. If you’re searching for a funky hairstyle that will be unique and fun, this half-up faux hawk is the answer to your prayers. 




5. Keep your hair simple but gorgeous with this Game Of Thrones inspired style. Hey, if it’s good enough for the Mother of Dragons, it’s good enough for prom.




6. This half-up fishtail looks gorgeous on long hair, but it works just as well for shorter styles. 




7. This braided half updo is so gorgeous – you’ll definitely give everyone hair envy if you nail it. 




8. If you’re going to do a hairstyle that looks like a dainty rose, you have to do it for prom. 




9. If you’re rocking a lob and you want to keep your look easy, go for this simple but beautiful style. 




10. Make even a super simple half low ponytail look elegant with a feminine bow tied around the band. 




11. Do a Khloe Kardashian inspired half pony if you’re looking for something casual and cute that can be down in a matter of minutes. 




12. This loose half-up French braid is so gorgeous to look at that you’ll have to remind people to take pictures of the front of your dress too. 




13. If you’re dressing like royalty for prom, you might as well take inspiration from the royal family we all love with this beautiful hairstyle. 




14. Have some fun with your look and pick something retro. The classic bouffant style gets a 21st century update when you make it a half-up look.  




15. Want to tone down the retro vibes? Try this baby bouffant, which is basically an elegant take on the infamous “pouf” from Jersey Shore.




16. Use a curling wand and a few pins to create an easy and beautiful prom style.  




17. Want something more edgy and less classic? This braided faux hawk is perfect. 




18. On the flip side, if you want to go all cutesy on everyone, do a half up hair bow. At least you’ll stand out! 




Which one of these half-up hairstyles is your favorite? What did I forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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