13 Signs You’re Turning Into Your Mom Without Realizing It

If you’re anything like I once was, you have a very emotional relationship with your mom. You obviously love her and appreciate what she does and has done for you, but at the same time, she drives you freakin’ crazy. And as much as you love her, that doesn’t mean you want to be like her. Unfortunately, in most cases, what you’ve heard is true: most of us turn into our mothers as we grow older. It’s inevitable and inescapable. Sorry!

If it’s going to happen, you might as well try to make it positive, right? This year, celebrate Mother’s Day by embracing the weird stuff your mom has passed onto you, whether it’s how you look, how you act, or how you feel about certain things. It might sound lame, but your mom is probably pretty cool, so being like her isn’t that awful. And hey, if you’re turning into your mom, that means you’re maturing, right? Let’s just embrace it. Moms are rad (at least mine is) and turning into them isn’t a bad thing. Not sure if it’s happening to you and you’re just in denial? Here are 13 signs you’re turning into your mom without even realizing it. 

1) You grab a jacket or sweater before you leave for the day.

Just in case! You put it in your car or locker because being chilly sucks. Halloween was the worst when your mom made you put a jacket over your awesome costume, but now you grab a sensible jacket yourself. Look at you, being responsible and shit.


2) You get really hyped up about good sales and bargains.

If you just ran up to your girlfriends like, “I got this dress on the Anthropologie sale rack for $30… IT WAS ORIGINALLY $140! LOOK AT IT!” That might be a mom thing. Saving money is a necessity when you’re raising a family. Now that you have money of your own, you sure as hell get psyched about a good bargain. Long live the clearance rack.


3) You can’t keep up with technology or memes.

When Peach came out, if you were like, “Girl, no. Why?” then welcome to the club! If you haven’t checked your Tumblr in a full 24 hours and then you log on again to see a whole new meme sweep your dashboard, your first reaction might be to roll your eyes. Keeping up can be exhausting if you’re not constantly online.


4) You prefer to be comfy over trendy.

There is no ecstatic joy quite like finding out a cute dress has pockets. You’re picking sensible flats over crazy heels if you know that you’ll be walking around forever or at least packing some flip flops in your bag just in case. You’re buying clothes that fit well instead of trendy pieces a size too small because it’s trendy and you NEED ONE.


5) You’ve un-ironically said something your mom used to say when you were a kid.

You used to roll your eyes, and now you mean it. WHAT. One time I said, “That’s not on the menu,” to the kids that I nanny when they wanted me to whip up french fries last minute. I felt like the most original, clever person in the world for all of five seconds before I remembered that my mom and grandmother used to say that to me when I was a kid and I got immediately embarrassed. Of course, this may happen more if you’re babysitting a lot of kids, but even a slipped sarcastic “Oh, good for you, honey,” is a sure sign that you’re turning into your mom.


6) Your other relatives have confused you for your mom over the phone.

Your aunt has picked up the phone, heard you say ‘hello,’ and responded with “Oh hey, Susan,” and continued talking to you like she’s your sister. Um, nope. Your voices are starting to sound more and more similar. Voices drop when you go through puberty, so this is natural, but having her same rhythms and expressions? That’s on you.


7) You’re the one taking care of your friends when they get out of control.

All of a sudden, you’re like, “It’s okay, mom’s here,” when your friends get crazy. Out of nowhere, you’ve become invested in your friends’ well being and safety. You like taking care of people now for some reason. How very mom-like of you.


8) You NEED your friends to text you to make sure they got home okay.

What if something happened?


9) You’ve mastered her disapproving “but, I love you anyway, despite your shitty choices” look.

You know that look… Oh, you got back with you ex? Good for you, honey *glare*.


10) You might be a little too nosy.

No one gets in your business quite like your mom. No one’s interested in your personal life like a mom who’s curious about what you do all day. It’s part of wanting to take care of your friends, but if there’s drama, and you need to hear everything just in case, this is a classic case of mom-nosiness.


11) You suddenly need to be prepared in any situation.

Winging it doesn’t feel cool anymore. Going to Disney World? Which fast passes should you schedule? Maybe might have a headache in the future? Let’s put a few different kinds of ibuprofen in the locker.


12) You’re now the person who organizes events and social gatherings.

Here’s a helpful hint: all a mother wants for Mothers Day is to be mothered. Someone else take care of the planning and thinking ahead. This should be easy for you since you’ve suddenly become a planner and organizer. You kind of even like it!


13) You’re not even mad about turning into your mom.

In the words of my mom, “What’s so bad about that?” Moms are the coolest.

Do you think you’re turning into your mom? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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