Quiz: Does He Really Mean “I Love You?”

Saying “I love you” to each other is obviously a huge milestone in a relationship. It means things have been taken to the next level, which is usually pretty serious and long-term. For some people, saying those three little words are really hard – they have to genuinely mean them before they say them, and it takes a while. For others, the phrase comes more easily. And oftentimes, when people say “I love you” very quickly, they, uh, don’t really mean it. So, how do you know if your boyfriend really meant it when he said, “I love you?” 


The best way to find out if bae really loves you is to pay attention their actions rather than just their words. Showing love is more important than just saying it, and if you feel like they didn’t really mean it, there might be a reason behind that – or you could just be feeling a little self-conscious. Before you start to panic, take this quiz to get a little more perspective. We don’t know your significant other and can’t say for sure how he/she feels, but we can take a guess! Take this quiz to find out if he really means he loves you. 

What were your results to this quiz? Does your boyfriend love you? Let us know in the comments below?

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