13 Of The Funniest Misspelled Tattoos That Will Make You LOL

Here is one thing that I know to be true in regards to tattoos: They are extremely permanent. Yes, you can get them removed through a laser tattoo removal process, which is expensive and painful, and you can cover them up with makeup and strategically-placed pieces of clothing, but for the most part, they’re just kind of…there. A tattoo is a commitment, like picking out a cell phone, or a bitmoji persona (they are very hard to go back and change, IMO!). Most people, then, would probably agree that it is moderately-to-severely important to make sure that, if you’re getting a tattoo, that this permanent fixture on your body is, you know, spelled correctly.

Some people, however, evidently do not find this little rule to be quite so vital. While, yes, it is true that the “no ragrets” tattoo from We’re The Millers is one of the most iconic tats in all of film history–I, for one, shed actual tears of laughter when confronted with this scene–very few people can actually pull off the act of having one thing emblazoned on their body when, in reality, they wanted something else on their body altogether.  So, in the spirit of ragrets and having, like, just a few of them, check out these tattoos with some pretty egregious mistakes that will make you cringe a whole lot–or, at the very least, make you bring a dictionary along before getting inked yourself:

1. Family is first. Spelling is… not a priority, I guess? Which is fine. Live your truth and all that:

Familly First #misspelledtattoo #venicebeach #wow

A photo posted by Kitty G. (@houseoflyon) on


2. Chaotic good:

A photo posted by Thais Souza (@thaismrsouza) on


3. Chaotic evil:

Found this tattoo with a typo while browsing! #misspelledtattoo #misspelledtattoos #tattootypo #badtattoo

A photo posted by Rick Summerville (@rsummfam) on


4. This is a nice brain teaser–if thicker comes before blood, what comes after blood?


5. My own personal “aingel:”

A photo posted by LOL BAD INK (@lolbadink) on


6. Same:

A photo posted by Alex Moran (@a_j3rsey) on


7. Do this today. Not “tommorrow:”

Oh. Ok.

A photo posted by Megan Collins (@wtfismeganeating) on


8. Well, same:

A photo posted by John (@justjohn760) on


9. Gorgeous:

A photo posted by haavardhana (@haavardhana) on


10. Not even Nick Young is safe:


11. Whoever did Drake’s album cover for If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late will give you a tattoo, but they hate Bon Jovi, so don’t even ask for a tribute tat:

A photo posted by @emilah_26 on


12. Ah, yes. Desteny:

A photo posted by Vin Berardi (@crunchyphone) on


13. No regerts? Not even…one?

A photo posted by PANDA(@trynaliftb) on

Do you have any tattoos? Which of these was your, uh, favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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