23 Hilarious Times Guys Got Called Out For Being Sexist On Twitter

There are a lot of things Twitter is great for – funny memes, relatable content, users who make watching awards shows a lot more fun – but as with anything, there are some seriously negative downsides. One of the worst things about Twitter is realizing just how sexist so many dudes are simply by reading their horrible sexist tweets. Sick of dealing with it? Then you need to read this. A feminist warrior by the name of Lindsey uses the Twitter handle @CardsAgstHrsmt to call out hypocritical men in the most hilarious way possible. In her own words, Lindsay uses the hashtag #ShirtlessShames2016 to “juxtapose men’s sexist, slut-shaming social media posts about women’s bodily respectability with their own bare-chested pictures.” Not only are the pictures she finds of the guys priceless, her comments are also very funny. This keeps it from coming across too hate-filled or preachy.

A lot of the tweets Lindsey has found convey the ideas that if a woman has half-naked photos online, she doesn’t “deserve respect,” she’ll never “be wifed,” and she is acting like a prostitute. They accuse women of setting thirst traps and seeking attention. BECAUSE THE GUYS’ NAKED PHOTOS AREN’T ATTENTION-SEEKING AT ALL. SMH. In response to her posts, she has received mean messages, but more seriously, she gets a lot of death and rape threats. Lindsay says that she originally thought that the hashtag would “stay funny. Light. Playful.” It turns out that common themes she has found are anything but. So, just to be clear: it’s okay for dudes to post half-naked pictures, then call girls who do the same “sluts,” but it’s not okay for anyone to criticize them? Right.

Here are some of the most notable times guys on twitter have been called out for slut-shaming using #ShirtlessShamers2016:

1. Here is one of her first tweets exposing the double standard.


2. Apparently guys think girls don’t “deserve” a good guy if they post risky photos.


3. These types of men are always talking about “wife material.”


4. A lot of guys talk about respect in a hypocritical way.


5. Here we have the proverbial “nice guy.”


6. Trollops? What year is this?


7. Lindsey has the best clapbacks.


8. Seriously- she’s really funny.


9. She even called out Zayne.


10. When Kim posted her picture, she got a lot of flack from these types of guys.


11. Lindsey called Kim a divining rod for sexist double standards.


12. These guys can’t see their own hypocrisy.


13. Lindsay recently called out people for saying sexist things about their future daughters.


14. This bunny hating dude brings religion into it.


15. But not as blatantly as this guy…

16. A lot of us are so used to the sexism, we don’t even notice it.


17. She completely tears apart this guy for being “real.”


18. For some icing on the cake, Lindsey posts a video one of these guys has made.


19. Lindsey appointed a new vanguard of women to help her mission.


20/ This guy saying women online are “hoeing for free”:


21. This girl is getting great advice.


22. And even more advice!


23. What are these guys even thinking?


To see all of the #shirtlessshamers2016 posts, click here.

Do you think these guys deserved to be called out? Let me know in the comments below!

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