22 Hilarious Posts On Annoying Things About Your Hair Everyone Will Relate To

We all want to be That Girl With Great Hair, but unless you’re one of those girls born with thick, flowing locks (I’m looking at you, college roommate Charlotte Bernhardt), taming your mane is a constant battle. You want to have voluminous, silky hair, but it seems like you don’t have the time/money/skills to make it happen. Styling it takes forever, hot tools ruin it in the long run, keeping up with the salon is expensive, and products take up a lot of space. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. If only you were one of the women on the Real Housewives franchise who could afford to get a blowout every day of your life. Every girl dreams of her own glam squad, right? Just me? That can’t be true.


I have this secret thought that once I find my signature haircut, all the other elements of my life will fall into place. I have the straightest, finest hair, and it absolutely will not curl. The most frustrating thing about that, though, is that every hairstylist I go to says, “I’m sure it will curl if I do it.” NO. They never listen to me, and they’re always wrong. Growing up, my friends were jealous that my hair air-dried straight and frizz-free. (They were all busy straightening their hair every morning with a flat iron.) Now, though, it’s in style to have beachy waves- a look I’ll never be able to achieve. I’ll never give up trying to find the perfect haircut!

If you, too, have issues with your hair, you’ll love these hilarious posts:

1. There is so much shedding. SO MUCH. Is it even normal?



2. Your hair hates you even after everything you do for it.



3. You worry about how your hair looks more than what someone thinks of you.


4. Although you never really know what you’re doing.



5. You might obsess about your hair too much.


6. Bad hair is your *aesthetic*



7. You don’t have time for everything. You’re not Superwoman!



8. Some hairs are just more important than others.



9. Your hair always looks best when there’s no one around to see it.



10. Or it just always looks bad.



11. Your “natural” hair vs. other girls’ natural hair.

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12. Why is brushing considered a good thing?


13. You’re always running out of things at the wrong time.


14. You can never figure out what you really want.



15. You think about things like this.



16. Hair compliments are the best compliments.



17. Getting a haircut is… not easy.


18. Greasy hair ruins everything.



19. No, maybe thick hair does.



20. This doesn’t happen often enough:



21. Towel hats are a mystery.



22. You’re always losing hair ties.



Which one of these posts on hair was the funniest? Let me know in the comments below!

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