12 Funny Mother’s Day Gifts For Moms With A Sense Of Humor

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re like me, you’re scrambling to figure out what to get your mom. She birthed you and sacrificed her vagina for you and has raised you into the amazing person you are today. . . can a candle really show your appreciation? If only you were rich – you could buy her a mansion, a new car, or at least a nice watch. *sigh* You might as well face it: YOU WILL FOREVER BE INDEBTED TO HER. Since you can’t buy your mom diamonds, you’ll have to settle for something on this list.

Maybe your mom would like something different than the traditional perfume set or picture book.  (Nothing wrong with those, but maybe you want to do something different!) You might come from a family who enjoys giving each other a hard time and loves to laugh together. Or maybe you’re just looking for something to set you apart from your overachieving siblings. Whatever the reason, picking a silly, funny gift is sure to brighten up your mom’s day (and maybe even get her some likes on Facebook.)

Here are some gift ideas for moms with a sense of humor:


1. Lionel Richie Cutting Board

Is your mom in need of a little laughter and sexiness while she chops up those veggies? Look no further than these personalized cutting boards. She can display the engraved sign (she’ll love telling her guests that you bought it for her) and shop safely on the smooth side.

Lionel Richie Cutting Board, $29, MZBETZY on Etsy


2. ‘Favorite Child’ Mug

This Mother’s Day, do what you do best: make it all about you. This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, so she can have a good chuckle for years to come. Who knows? Buying her this gift might actually get you to favorite child status.

Favorite Child Mug, $12, JandAWares on Esty


 3. Boss Mom Phone Case

Your mom is a badass b*tch who knows what’s up. She deserves a phone case to match. This takes #GirlBoss to the next level. Plus, moms always seem to love personalized phone cases.

‘Boss Mom’ Phone Case, $28, NoondaybyTracey on Esty


4. ‘You’ve Been Like A Mother To Me’ Candle

The description on this product says: “She ruined her vagina for you. She didn’t leave you in a Dumpster. She raised an awesome kid. Now it’s time to give back.” If you’ve got a mom who gave you her quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor, send her this!

‘You’ve Been Like a Mother To Me’ Candle, $18, SubversiveHousewife on Etsy


5. Legendary Mug

Want to give your mom a mug that makes you look great, too? Or makes you look like a Kanye West wannabe? This mug is for you. This mug isn’t microwave or dishwasher safe, but it has a price point good for those of you strapped for cash. You can also personalize it!

‘Congrats Mom’ Mug, $10, LuckyJacksCreations on Etsy


6. Wine Stopper

Most moms love wine, so why not give her a wine stopper that will make her smile. It’s a good way to poke fun at yourself while giving her a good laugh.

Wine Stopper, $25, RosiesPendants on Etsy


7. Fake Tattoo

Freak your mom out by saying that you got a tattoo to commemorate her on Mother’s Day. You’ll have a good laugh after she realizes it’s only temporary. (Don’t wait TOO long to tell her.)  A holiday isn’t a holiday without giving someone a heart attack!

‘Mom’ Temporary Tattoo, $5, happytats on Etsy


8. “Porn”

You’re mom and you will share a good laugh while you thumb through this book. It’s not actually porn, after all. She’ll want to show all of her friends what you got her!

‘Porn for Women’ Book, $10, Uncommon Goods


9. Trinket Dish

There’s nothing like a good mom pun! I have this dish in another design, and it works great at holding my smaller earrings. Love the gold edges!

‘You da mom!’ Trinket Dish, $20, Nordstrom


10. Saint Your Mom

Your mom is a saint, so why not actually make her into one! Your whole family will get a good laugh when she unwraps this amazing portrait.

‘Saint Yourself’ Print, $20, GoSaintYourself on Etsy


11. Mean Girls Shirt

The mom in the movie Mean Girls is super funny, and if you’re like me you quote her all the time. Your mom can whip this shirt out during soccer games, PTA meetings, and for hanging out with your friends. After all, she really is a cool mom.

‘I’m Not a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom’ Shirt, $28, Look Human


12. Zombie Car Decals

If you and your mom like to watch shows like The Walking Dead together, hate seeing those perfect little family decals on cars, and enjoy making other people laugh, your mom will love this gift.

Zombie Car Decals, $8.99, Stupid.com


Would your mom like any of these gifts? Let me know in the comments below!

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