6 Things You’ll Learn The First Time You’re Rejected

Everyone faces rejection on a pretty regular basis, whether it’s coming from a crush, significant other, friend, family member, teacher, job, or a random stranger. Rejection stings, and often feels like a swift punch in the gut – especially when we go through our first really big rejection. The fact is, though, that we all deal with it. Even the most successful people in the world have been rejected at some point in their lives. You can either break down about it, and allow it to ruin everything, or you can find a lesson from being rejected and use it to push yourself further.


No matter how much rejection sucks, being positive about it in any way you can will help you move on – and can even help you do better things in the future. It’s easy to get told “no” and then sit around while feeling sorry for yourself, but the strongest people know how to use rejection for good. It’s time to put your big girl pants on and accept that being turned down is part of life… why not make it something positive? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read on! Here are seven lessons you’ll learn from your first time being rejected. 

Who's Really There For You

Your first big rejection is a big deal. It's a reminder that things won't always go your way, no matter how much you want them to or no matter how hard you worked. It's upsetting, to say the least, and can make some people really break down. Rejection from a crush or S.O. can cause serious heartbreak! But there's something valuable to take from the rejection - you can learn who's really there for you. When my frist boyfriend and I broke up, I saw which of my friends were true friends - it was the people who were there for me during that time no matter what. In the end, it's a nice feeling to figure out who the genuine people in your life are.

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How To Deal With Criticism Like A Pro

Rejection is a part of life, and the sooner you realize that, the better. Going through it, even though it hurts, can teach you something super important, and that's how to deal with criticism or someone telling you, "no." Even if you respond to the criticism in a petty, angry, bitter way, you'll learn not to do that in the future. This is the kind of thing you have to go through to really learn.

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What Your Weaknesses Are

When you get rejected, ask why you were rejected instead of just saying "okay" and walking away. If it's possible to ask the person who's rejecting you why they're telling you no, do it. Ask for an honest answer, take a deep breath, and listen... then cry later on, if needed. We all have weaknesses, and asking why you were rejected can help you pinpoint what yours are. Once you know what you need to work on, you can work on it, better yourself, and get yourself back on track.

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How To Do Something New

A big rejection, especially the first one, often pushes you towards a new start or a big change. This can feel traumatic, but it usually ends up being a good thing. Say you're being rejected from a crush - that can push you towards a new person who you normally wouldn't have given a chance. Maybe you were rejected from your college of choice... that can put you into a new college you didn't know much about, which can lead you to totally different experiences. That can always be a good thing!

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How To Persevere

You can only learn how to move on from something once you actually go through something. So, being rejected teaches you how to get through something, how to persevere and be more tough. It's a lesson we all need to learn and get through at some point, and it's a different journey for everyone. It teaches you how to cope, which is so valuable for the future.

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What You Really Want

This mostly applies to relationship rejection. When someone breaks up with you, it's an indication that something was wrong in the relationship. It also lets you think about what you liked about it, and what you didn't. From there, you can figure out what you want out of your next relationship and what you don't want. And that is definitely info you need to know!

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You're Not Perfect

We all need a reality check sometimes, and rejection is one of the biggest reality checks out there. It's a reminder that you can't always get what you want. It's a reminder that you can work really, really hard towards something and still not get it. It's a reminder that you can do things wrong, and that you're not perfect. We all need to face that from time to time!

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Have you ever been rejected? What did you learn from your experience? Let us know in the comments below!


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How Do You Deal With Rejection?

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