14 Annoying Things That Happen When You’re Single For All Of High School

For many of you, high school graduation is rapidly approaching. This is a time that, typically, comes with a lot of self-reflection, emotions, and thinking about what your current state of being is. And, your state of being at this point in time might be that (among other things) you’re single. Really, really single. Like, you’ve been single for all of high school and it doesn’t look like your relationship status is gong to change anytime soon.

This, as I have talked about before, is totally fine. In fact, I wouldn’t even be bringing it up, except for the fact that a lot of people seem to think that they should have some sort of relationship in high school, since movies love to propagate the idea that high school is the time to meet your one true love (usually at an thematically-appropriate, highly climactic moment during senior prom). The reality, though, is that true love really doesn’t have to happen during high school–and, honestly, it rarely ever does, so staying single might actually be the best move, strategically. This is not to say that there are not some…annoyances that come from a perpetual state of high school-singlehood, however. Check out these annoying things that happen when you’re single for all of high school:

1. Your friends assume you’re going solo to…every dance ever.



2. As do your parents.



3. And teachers.



4. People always try to set you up with their friend’s boyfriend’s cousin’s soccer teammate for dances and you have to be like, “single doesn’t mean desperate, people.”



5. Your friends have no problem flirting with their crushes, but the idea of your crush even knowing that you like them a little is literally mortifying to you. 



6. Like, you have lots of crushes. You just want them to love you back without having to actually do anything yourself.



7. You’ve found yourself playing the mediator role between your friends and their S.O.s far too many times to count.



8. You’re also the designated “Heartbreak Consoler”–whenever your friends break up with someone, you’re the first one they turn to.



9. Which, weirdly enough, has made you excellent at dishing out relationship advice, since you’ve heard so much about it. 




10. This also means that you know all of the hot goss in school, which can be hard to keep to yourself. 



11. You literally, not figuratively, always win never have I ever at sleepovers (very little dating = lots of fingers that most people put down).





12. Oh, and speaking of sleepovers? You’re the friend people always say they’re spending the night with when they want to hook up with someone without their parents knowing.



13. You’ve never experienced heartbreak–which, on one hand, is nice. On the other, you’re scared you’re going to be super unprepared for when it happens later on.



14. Still, though, you’re pretty happy. You don’t stay single this long without learning how to love yourself a lot.



Are you single and graduating high school soon? What would you say that’s like? Let us know in the comments!

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