19 Of The Best Memes About Trying To Go To Bed Early

Like most people, the first thing that I think about every morning when my alarm goes off is when, exactly, I might be able to get back into my sweet, sweet bed. Now, while some might assume that this is a symptom of extreme depression (or at the very least, the exact type of wanton laziness that Benjamin Franklin warned us all about), I prefer to think of it instead as dedicated pre-planning. The reason for this is simple–I am of the (bad) habit of going to bed very, very late for no reason in particular. This means that in addition to thinking of going back to bed to wake up, I also have to set multiple alarms, all of which play Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights”and bear this encouraging message:

Every morning, then, I pledge that this night is going to be the one in which I go to bed early–eleven PM, perhaps, or if I’m feeling extra luxurious, ten. To actually be in bed at ten, though, is much easier said than done. Everyone can talk big about going to bed earlier, but does anyone actually want to put in the labor–you know, like actually finishing homework early and turning off the computer at a reasonable time–required to accomplish it? No. Of course not. It is much easier to put off homework until eight, work on it half-heartedly until ten, actually focus and finish it at eleven, start your bedtime routine at midnight, and then settle into bed for another two hours of looking at memes and watching Broad City until you accidentally fall asleep. You know? You know. Anyway, if you’re also in the habit of putting off sleep for no reason, other than to make things harder for yourself in the morning, check out these tweets about trying to go to bed early:

1. This, unfortunately, is an affliction that strikes us all from time to time:


2. Or, you know, every night:


3. With good reason:


4. Who can’t relate?


5. Right. Of course:


6. Why are you and your teacher both in school at 3 AM, bub? (But also–same.)


7. I mean:


8. This is…gorgeous:


9. Very accurate:


10. Same:


11. Extremely same:


12. 1000000% same:


13. This really is the exact chain of events:


14. With a little bit of 1 AM dancing, obviously:


15. Ah, well:


16. Try and sleep tight tonight, kids:


17. Or, you know…


18. Don’t:


19. Totes up to you:

Is going to bed early hard for you? Which of these tweets was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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