14 Fun DIY Bracelet Tutorials To Try This Spring

I have very fond memories of spending long, lazy days of summer making braided string bracelets. If I wasn’t making string bracelets, I was crafting beaded friendship bracelets so my bestie’s wrist would match mine. I am sure a lot of you have these memories too… spending hours working on a bracelet and then wearing it for weeks straight until it eventually fell off. On that note, it’s only right to whip out our boxes full of string and beads and make an updated version of the beloved bracelets we used to create – and these simple bracelet tutorials will help you do just that, in a more chic way.


This season, it’s all about layering bracelets. You can either stack on your favorite chunky bracelets or pair daintier pieces together for a soft, feminine look. Instead of spending some serious cash on trendy jewelry from your favorite boutique that will probably either break or get lost after a few wears (let’s be realistic here), why not create your own? Not only will it help you save money, it will also ensure you’re wearing something totally unique that has a great backstory to it. I’ve compiled a few super cute DIY bracelets that are easy and fun to make. Check out these 14 jewelry tutorials that you have to try this spring:


1. A Beaded Charm Bracelet



Remember those beaded bracelets you used to make when you were little? Well, it’s time to break out those beads once again to make a more mature version requiring cool personalized charms and color.


2. Woven Friendship Bracelets



These woven bracelets are so cute, it’s hard to believe they only require a jewel or a ring and some string. Make matching ones for you and your best friend!


3. Gold Tube Bracelets 



These gold tube bracelets are so so perfect for spring, you’ll never want to them off. Create a few bracelets in different colors to wear for a fun boho look.


4. A Braided Gold Cuff Bracelet



You can totally personalize this braided cuff bracelet by picking whichever color string you like. Although this might look somewhat complicated, it’s actually super easy and doesn’t require a lot of time to make.


5. A Leather Arrow Bracelet 



Before you throw out that old leather belt you haven’t worn in years, repurpose it by making a cool leather bracelet. No one will be able to tell your edgy leather arrow bracelet is made out of a belt and chain.


6. A Personalized Gold Bracelet



If you’re like me and love personalized jewelry, you have to make this dainty gold name bracelet. The coolest part about it is that the writing is mirrored after your own handwriting.


7. A Lotus Tassel Bracelet



These colorful lotus bracelets are so great for a summer boho look. Regardless of which color you use, they literally go with any outfit and they pair nicely with other types of jewelry.


8. A Chain And String Bracelet



Mixing chains and string is a little unexpected and ends up looking super chic.


9. A Gold Braided String Bracelet



It’s time to put a spin on the typical braided string bracelet with brass hexnuts. Who knew the addition of an item from the hardware store could make something look so much better?


10. A Triangle Wire Bracelet



This gold wire bracelet can be made into any shape you like to match your style. The best part is that you only need three supplies to create it.


11. A Jeweled Bracelet



If you have any unmatched earrings lying around, it’s finally time to put them to use! After creating a pattern with the colored paracord, glue an earring or your favorite brooch to create a beautiful jeweled bracelet.


12. A Chunky Hex Bracelet



This chunky bracelet is a statement piece, yet it pairs really nicely with other bracelets for a cool layered look.


13. A Chain Woven Bracelet 



This chain woven bracelet makes for serious arm candy envy that can be worn in so many different ways.


14. Colorful Hardware Bracelets  



The gold accent pieces on this bracelet are actually from the plumbing section of the hardware store. Just proof that anything can be jewelry!


Did you make any of these bracelets? Which one is your favorite?

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