15 Types Of Photos That Will Take Your Instagram To The Next Level

People love to hate certain types of Instagram posts, but they’re just jealous they have so few followers. #TRUTH. There is an art to creating the perfect Instagram post that anyone can master… yes, even us normals who are not fashion bloggers with weirdly large followings. How can you bring your Instagram photos to the next level? For starters, remember that *aesthetic* is truly everything. Keep your eyes open for colorful backgrounds, pretty patterns, and fun accessories to showcase in your pics. It also helps if you have an Instagram husband, but most of us can only dream of such a luxury.

If you think that the girls with the most Instagram followers got them just by looking pretty, you’re probably wrong. Lots of thought and planning go into fabulous pics. My friends with lots of followers will even “hoard” great pictures to use when they’re not feeling particularly photogenic or in the mood for a selfie. I have some that will even take up to thirty minutes out of their trip to the beach trying to snag the perfect mixture of sand, sun, and waves. *sigh* It doesn’t come easy, ladies.

It’s easy to hate on “Instagram models,” but let’s be real: some of us want that life! There’s nothing to be ashamed of! Having a ~personal brand~ on Instagram can help in certain careers (like writing or editing) and even make you a lot of money. Want to bring your feed to the next level? Here are the types of Instagram photos you have to start taking:

1. Post pictures of Polaroids.

Polaroid cameras aren’t crazy expensive, and they make for fun Instagram posts. You can capture the vibe of the night/weekend without posting twenty different times. So ~*vintage*~ but also 2016.


2. Show off your essentials with a product flat-lay.

Weekend beauty essentials

A photo posted by Jessica Booth (@jboothyy) on

Like Gurl editor Jennifer Booth, you can make a great post by strategically laying out your favorite products. Look for ways you can bring in color, and shoot it from above.


3. Use letter balloons.

Pick up some of these amazing balloons at your closest party store and rake in the Instagram likes.


4. Post a screenshot of a funny text conversation.


A photo posted by @amyschumer on

If you have a hilarious convo via text message, share it for the world to see. Be sure to tag the person you had the exchange with.


5. Exercise photos.

"There truly is no finish line." – Joan Benoit Samuelson #nikewomen

A photo posted by nike (@nike) on

It can feel like a humble brag when done poorly, but there are some cool shots you can get while working out. Getting one of you running from behind with only scenery around is a little more artistic than the gym selfie. You can also get creative by shooting only your lower body, like Nike did with this pic:

More kettlebell. #justdoit

A photo posted by nike (@nike) on

Plus, to be honest, the fitness community on Instagram is intense, and they will like EVERYTHING.


6. Shots from a different perspective.

A photo posted by Ace & Tate (@aceandtate) on

Anytime you can get someone to take an ariel picture of you, do it! It’s unexpectedly delightful.


7. Showcase your most clever, cutest clothing items.

Last day of work for the year!

A photo posted by Emily Schuman (@emilyschuman) on

The style community on Instagram is also crazy. Just add some #ootd tags, and you’re golden.


8. Cute shoes + interesting floor.

A photo posted by Megan Gonzalez (@maemae_co) on

Keep your eyes peeled for cool tile!


9. Something sweet against a sweet background.

Saturdaze @fridabecker

A photo posted by forever21 (@forever21) on

There are few Instagram photos people like more than delicious desserts… except the ones that include a cool background.


10. Mirror-image your new haircut/blowout.

A photo posted by Nine Zero One (@ninezeroone) on

Or mirror image anything, really.


11. Pineapples!

A photo posted by forever21 (@forever21) on

I know it sounds funny, but pineapples are a great accessory on Instagram. I don’t know why.


12. Self-deprecating selfies

A cool quick bathroom selfie to show off my cabbage patch doll chic look.

A photo posted by Nicole Byer (@nicolebyer) on

Captioning a selfie with a funny quip can make it more palatable to your followers, and they’re more apt to like it.


13. Never pass up a colorful wall.

Colorful walls are essential Instagram material.


14. Show off your workspace.

I’m sure you have adorable desk essentials, so show it off! (We’ll also know you’re working hard at the same time.)

15. Show off your manicure

It might seem obvious, but we love seeing your pretty nails!


Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram? Let me know in the comments below!

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